How to tip a hairdresser…or not.

After spending 2 hours at the salon or spa, you look and feel like a new person. Now comes that awkward moment ... it's time to pay.   You're wondering if you should tip your service provider or how much to give her?

According to Jill Bremer, AICI, CIP of Bremer Communications, “Tipping has been around for hundreds of years. A tip, or gratuity, is defined as a gift of money given to someone for performing a service or menial task, over and above the payment due for the service. Tips are not required, but they are expected by many people in the service industry. In fact, many U.S. waiters and waitresses are paid less than minimum wage as tips are expected to make up the other part of their income.”

25 years ago, the above definition may have been true in the salon industry but times have definitely changed.   First, the amount of hours a student spends in a cosmetology or massage institute has almost doubled and licensing requirements have been increased and tightened.   In addition, Tyler Mason requires an additional 4-6 month training program, a “master’s program” of sorts, before our service providers can begin to service guests.  Because of the education and licensing requirements needed in our industry, the salon/spa industry is better compared to the medical, dental, insurance, real estate or building trades; all of these rely on referrals for their business success and do not accept “tips” for their services.

Since our company’s inception in 1992, Tyler Mason has been a “no tipping required” salon/spa.  We believe in word of mouth marketing; that our guests’ glowing recommendations of their experience here and the referrals of their friends and family in lieu of a gratuity are more meaningful on many levels.   We are committed to helping our employees achieve their dreams and goals as well as upgrading the image of the beauty and wellness industry.  We believe that the level of service our guests experience with each visit is not by accident and not a “menial task”.  Tyler Mason employees enjoy above average compensation, health, disability, and life insurance, paid vacation, 401K, and on-going education in technical skills, customer service, business systems, public speaking and leadership.

Ours is such a rewarding industry.  Guests come to us for more than just a haircut, pedicure, massage or facial.  Of course, Tyler Mason has technically talented employees, but one of the most important reasons our staff is booked for weeks in advance?   They’re nice.  They’re fun.  They make our guests feel welcome.  They make people feel good about themselves, inside and out.

So, the next time you experience Tyler Mason’s extraordinary service, simply say thanks!  And then, tell 3 friends, so they’ll tell 3 friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Stay in Touch......Tammie Baker ,President/Owner

“People who give will never be poor.” ~Anne Frank