We’re going to Miami!

Tyler Mason Salon Spa has had the wonderful opportunity to sponsor the Colts Cheerleaders for six seasons (and hopefully many more in the future).  I know that our sponsorship may seem a little odd to outsiders but it really is a perfect fit.  Our partnership with the Colts allows us to pair with a business that cares about its’ community and the people in it and gives our salon and our employees experiences that are one of a kind!  Our stylists have so much fun helping with auditions, finding the perfect “look” for each cheerleader every season and preparing these gorgeous girls’ hair and makeup for photo shoots and each home game.  This year the Colts took Indianapolis to the Super Bowl and although we didn’t win we had a great time this season.

Two of our tm girls had the opportunity to make the trek down to Miami to help get the Colts cheerleaders ready for the big game.  Here is a snapshot of their Super Bowl experience:


“This trip was my first trip not only to a Super Bowl but also to Florida.  The game was a big draw for the trip but I would also be seeing the ocean and beach for the first time ever as well!   As I was told by everyone -- Florida was a wonderful place to visit and the weather made it even better!  A co-worker, Andrea, and I were the only two people from Tyler Mason that were able to make the trip.  We enjoyed a fun car ride down and even did a little relaxing on the beach Saturday and Sunday before the game started.
After an hour spent trying to park the car it was a mad dash to get into the stadium and down the maze of tunnels to find the locker rooms.  The two of us had roughly an hour to get everyone prepped for the big day (usually we have 5-6 stylists and 3 hours to prepare all the cheerleaders for a game). My adrenaline was pumping and the hairspray clouds were forming as we back-combed and curled our way to beautiful hair!  Styling cheer hair is always fun for me because the bigger the hair the better!!  I do have to take a moment to thank Tammie Baker our owner at TMSS for helping to make this trip possible!  I look forward to more Super Bowl trips in the future!!”


“The Super Bowl is one for the bucket list.  It was one of the best experiences of my life! The beaches were gorgeous and everyone we came in contact with was friendly -- even though most of them were Saint’s fans L.  The traffic might be the only not-so-positive thing to say about South Beach.

Even though the Colts lost, I wouldn’t think twice of making the 17 hour haul back to Miami tonight.  We got to see people and experience things that I never thought I would be able to experience or see in my life.  We were able to be part of the behind the scenes action while doing the Colts cheerleader’s hair and makeup in a Super Bowl locker room, we watched “The Who” from the press box,  and was star struck when we caught glimpses of Brad Pitt (twice), John Travolta, Jesse Jackson and Serena Williams.  …and yes, Angelina was very much with Brad!

It was an ultimate experience I will never forget.  GO COLTS, GET ‘EM NEXT YEAR!”