We’ll help you warm up your look for fall & winter!

When the days get to be a littler chillier and nights become a littler longer there is an instant need to warm up your tresses with some darker hues.  Senior Tyler Mason hairstylist, Lindsey, has some recommendations for you brunette beauties.  She suggests adding some gorgeous warm highlights – think caramel, chocolate or mocha. "It will give you the change you are craving, while also warming up your hair and skin tone.”   A blonde herself, Lindsey adds “Summer blondes are light and bright.  Some of us find that our hair is not only too light after summer; it is also a little dull and dry.  A few warm low lights will add shine and depth to your hair making it a little lower maintenance for the winter months!”

If you want to try something sassy…this is the year to do it.  Allison, a Tyler Mason stylist says, “Reds and coppers are the ‘it’ color for the season.  An all over red will create an impact but if you want to ease into this brazen color, try it out with some subtle highlights or lowlights.  Maybe red isn’t the color that you want to dive head first into –- you can try a deeper, sultrier shade of the color you already have…think Kim Kardashian.”  What if color is a non-negotiable but you still long for change?  Allison recommends, “Try adding some bangs or layers, which will make both longer and shorter styles sexier.  One of the biggest ways to add some change to style is literally adding waves.  Yes, I mean the P-word…PERMS!  Perms have come a long way from the 80’s and texture is the name of the game this year.  I recommend a Kate Hudson type wave – it’s all about creating volume with a relaxed natural looking curl while also keeping hair shiny and healthy!  The perms of today are customized to fit you and your lifestyle by using specialized rod sizes and placement – not at all resembling the perms of the past.  Your hair will be easier to do each morning and the envy of many.”