BIG 2011 Holiday Savings at TM

The holidays are upon us and you know what that means. Whether you like it or not, the search for the best deals begins!  With all of us trying our best to stay within a budget, every penny counts. We understand that finding ways to save this time of year is a big deal. That is why we started our HollyDEAL event. This is kind of our take on black Friday. We know it would be really hard to compete with the big dogs on the actual Friday after Thanksgiving (well...we kind of like shopping on that day too) so we wait until the next week for our big sale. So this year HollyDEAL Day falls on Fri., Dec. 2nd from 9am - 6pm and we offer 10% Off ALL Gift Cards & Products (yes, even our awesome flat irons). BUT that's not it! The actual savings fun begins at checkout. You'll be given a pair of dice to roll. Whatever number you roll - you'll add to the 10% you're already getting. For example if you roll a 4 and a 6 you'll add 10 to the 10% - giving you a total savings of 20% off your gift card and product purchase. It's a really fun day for all of our guests and for us here at the salon and spa. We hope to see you there!!!