Beautifully Natural – 2012 Spring Makeup Trends

This season, the trend is finally all about being natural.  This is why I love our new Influencer Palette.  It's a compact, versatile quad that gives you four different neutral, nude eye shadows that will look good on everyone.  To really make this quad work for you, I recommend starting with our shadow magnet creme base all over the lid to allow the makeup to stick all day and not crease.  Each shadow could be used alone for a monochromatic eye or to create depth and dimension pair a lighter shadow with a darker one in the crease giving the eye more contrast.  This next tip seems a little odd but it really works.  Shake up our dual action makeup remover and add a few drops to any of the shades for a stronger, more enhanced version of the color.  Have fun being beautifully natural this summer!
blog entry by:  Heather Scheffel