Ammonia FREE Permanent Color Now Available

All of us at Tyler Mason are so excited to offer our guests Davines', "A New Colour" - which is AMMONIA FREE PERMANENT COLOR.  It's made by the great color company, Davines, which we know, trust and have been using for close to 10 years for our color services.  The gentle formulas in the ammonia-free line leave hair soft and conditioned, while the new pigments pack a punch and deliver vibrant, long-lasting color.  A New Colour is safe, ethical and sustainable, and uses the properties of natural active ingredients.  It perfectly covers white hair, can darken & lighten up to 3 levels, and provides beautiful colors that are long-lasting and shine brilliantly.   Not only are we impressed with how the color looks and lasts but how extremely gentle it is.  This has proven to be great for guests that have scalp sensitivities and for those that don't like the odor of normal color applications (A New Colour is odorless)!!!  So now you know it's not made with ammonia but what is it made of?  A New Colour’s main ingredients are carotenoids and melanin (vegetable pigments with an antioxidant action), leaving hair soft, shiny, and hydrated.   It really is amazing and because I have a sensitive scalp I was one of the first to use it.  I LOVE the results - no smell or irritation during application, beautiful & bright color, and it lasts just as long (if not longer) then our regular permanent color.   It doesn't require any more application time and it's only a $15 add-on to our regular color service price.  If you're thinking this may be something you are interested in - talk to your stylist at your next appointment.
~Elizabeth F.