Eyelash Extensions by Novalash are HERE!!!

Novalash is an exciting new lash extension service at Tyler Mason!!! It’s a way to achieve longer and fuller looking lashes without the mess of strips and glue and with no harsh side effects. Each Novalash extension is individually bonded to one of your own natural lashes, using various lengths to create a seamless look that allows the fullest and most natural looking results. Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural look with a few flares or you want big bold Kardashian lashes, Novalash has you covered! Novalash's award-winning, long-lasting, medical grade adhesives have earned them the reputation of the "healthiest professional lash extension system" (we’ve done our research to make sure we’re bringing you the best on the market). Even the most sensitive eyes can rock Novalash - pain free application, zero adhesive clumps, and no contact with the skin means it’s safe and comfortable. Our "Candied" lashes (add glimmer & shimmer to your already fab eyelashes) are great when you want to glam it up! They add a little bling that is perfect for special occasions and with just a few lashes the assortment of colors can even enhance your natural eye color. Your initial appointment is only a couple hours long and results will last you 4-6 weeks (depending on how quickly your natural lashes shed). When the shedding does take place, you can then come back for a fill-in.  Novalash looks beautiful without makeup although it is safe to wear your cosmetic favorites. They are also great for vacations when your days are spent by the pool, no need to worry about them washing away or mascara running down your face!  Our very own stylist, Allison T., is a certified Novalash eyelash extension specialist and is so excited to add this service to her already vast salon repertoire.   If you’re ready to try this service or simply have a few more questions about this new service – just give us the salon a call (317-271-3330).

Service Prices
Novalash Extension Application    $250 (includes aftercare kit)
Maintenance Fill                          $75