Step by step guide to perfect audition day hair…

So you want to know how to wear your hair for auditions.  Well you've come to the right place since we have a bit of experience under our styling belts.  First things first:  they don't care if your hair is long or short, if it's fake or real or if you're really a "natural" blonde - they just want you to look beautiful and natural.  So with that being said choose a color, style and length that compliments your look and personality and gives you the confidence to go out onto the field and rock it!!!

There's knowing how to wear your hair and then there's - hairography!  Since you're hoping to become a NFL Cheerleader I hope you are familiar with this term but if you're not (it shows you're not a GLEE fan - which is okay, I guess, but you might want to google that episode).  Basically your hair should compliment your dancing (not take away from it) and for that you need hair that will groove, move and shake but still look good at the end of the routine.

...and here's how you get it.

Step 1: Create a Base:

You've got to create a good base so the volume lasts all day and that means using the correct products from the very start of your beauty routine - a great volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  We like the Davines Volu line which helps build a weightless volume.  However, if your hair is dry or over processed we recommend using a repairing shampoo with a deep conditioner (like our Davines NaturalTech Nourishing line) to give your hair the moisture it needs for a healthy bounce.

Step 2: Root Lifter

Spray a good volumizer/root lifter, like our Shuga Dressy Mist (fine hair) or Davines No. 14 Sea Salt Primer (thick hair), directly on scalp to ends on wet hair before blow drying to build texture at the base and give teasing staying power.

Step 3:  Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair

Cheerleader's hair is put through a lot so it's important to try to keep it as healthy as possible because "healthy hair IS beautiful hair".  Start with a pea size drop of dry oil, rub together in your palms and distribute it mid-length to ends (staying away from your scalp).  This will nourish hair, protect it from your styling tools, reduce drying time, tame frizz and give it extra shine.  We love our Davines Oi/Oil because it doesn't weigh hair down and it smells amazing!

Step 4:  The Blow Dry

The blow dry is very important because now you'll set the products already in your hair.  Begin blowdrying by flipping your hair upside down until almost dry and then finish the drying process by over directing the hair (pulling your hair in the opposite direction of how it will lay) with a round brush.  Now you have the volume & movement you need for perfect cheer hair.

Step 5:  To wear it straight or curly?

If you have fine hair it's best to wear it straight because curls tend to fall out and look stringy after a long day and those with massive manes look great with waves.  Just make sure to curl your hair AWAY from your face so it doesn't get stuck in your lipgloss when dancing.  Take the volume you already have and enhance it by slightly teasing your hair at your crown with a teasing comb, hairspray the tease and then lightly brush over the top to give it a natural look (we're not going for "The Snooki").  Finish your look off with a final spray of a MOVEABLE HOLD hairspray, like Davines' No. 7.  We can't stress how important it is to use a hairspray that allows hair to move - remember the hairography from before.  Be wary of strong hold hairsprays because they are usually wet and sticky and give hair a crunchy, cement look that will not look natural while dancing.

Oh yeah - one last tip. and have a good time.

Hope our tips help.  We're wishing you all GOOD LUCK (and a GREAT hair day) at auditions!!!

xoxo ~ The TMSS Stylists