4 Steps to Prevent Lip Lines

Lip lines are a pesky but inevitable sign of aging. Lips lack certain glands that produce oil, meaning the tissue can become very dry. This lack of moisture leads to tissue damage in the form of vertical lines and thinning around the lips.

Dermatologists say topical treatments and prevention are key to keeping a pretty pout. Follow these four tips to combat deep lip lines:

1) Stop smoking- Smoking damages collagen, resulting in fine lines that will only become deeper with age. Pucker up. See the lines that form? Keep it up and those will become permanent.

2) Stay moist- Keep your lips moisturized from the inside out by using a balm that contains hydrators like honey, vitamin E or plant oils. Look for a product that contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring skin glycosaminoglycan that can hold a thousand times its weight in water.

3) Stop lines in their track- Fine lines will only become deep lines with age. While you can prevent new ones from forming, you also want to halt the progression of lines that may already be there. There are a number of cost effective treatments to rid your face of fine lines including laser treatment, dermabrasion, fillers and peels.

4) Watch your sip- Just like smoking, drinking through a straw means you're pursing your lips. Each time you purse your lips, you're contributing to a fine line. After 50 years, the amount of times you sipped through a straw can really add up. Opt out of using a straw when you can, and try to keep your lips in a natural position.

At Tyler Mason we carry several moisturizers and lip products that can help you stave off fine lines and keep your pucker as pretty as can be. Next time you're in, ask your stylist to suggest a solution!