Makeup Essentials

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Look in any woman's makeup bag and you will find a plethora of tubes, palettes, bottles and brushes. A woman's makeup collection will vary depending on skin type and color choices, however there are 10 staples that should be included in every collection!

1) Primer: Look for a color-correcting formula if your skin is blotchy or uneven, a gel if it's oily and a cream if it's dry.  Our rexturizing face primer ($21), from tm cosmetics, is a colorless, lightweight serum that helps protect and condition skin, neutralize imperfections and give foundation a fault-free base - perfect for all skin types and has a spf of 20!!!

2) Foundation: When choosing the perfect color, testing on your hand isn't actually the best option. Think about where makeup lines appear, around the jawline, and test foundation there.

3) Eyelash curler: Even without mascara an eyelash curler can enhance the look of your eyes. This tool is perfect for a quick and instant fix.

4) Mascara: Obviously!!!  It's the best way to draw attention to the best feature on your face. To keep your mascara from clumping and drying out, refrain from pumping the wand inside the tube. Instead, swirl it around inside the tube and clean off excess with a paper towel.

5) Clear brow gel: Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror and realizing your eyebrows resemble Einstein's. This grooming tool can make even unplucked eyebrows look presentable.

6) Eye-shadow palette: Choose a basic palette consisting of mostly tans, browns and pinks. These natural colors are easy to transform between day and night.

7) Eyeliner: Choose the color that best suits you, but seriously consider a shade of brown. A brown eyeliner can go on light or dark, and is easy to fix in case you make a mistake.

8) Bronzer or blush: Use these when your face needs something a little extra, like a shimmer or pop of color.

9) Tinted lip balm: Choose a color that is just a few shades away from the natural color of your lips. It will complement the rest of your makeup collection and serve as a substitute for lipstick when you need it unexpectedly.  Our transforming lip stick ($18.50) provides the coverage of a lipstick and the comfort of a balm with a unique age-defying formula that deeply hydrates and dramatically smoothes for fresh, younger looking lips.

10) A fluffy brush: Big, fluffy brushes feel nice and serve so many purposes like applying powder to get rid of shine, or adding a pop of color to your checks with blush and it can even help blend eyeshadow in a pinch.  You'll never know when you'll need your handy big, fluffy brush.