Congratulations Kelley!

You know we like to kick it family style here at Tyler Mason, so when one of our own does something awesome we can't help but pull out our proud parent hat and brag a little bit. Little Miss Kelley has graduated from our apprentice program with flying colors (like silky chestnut and brilliant blonde) and is now on the floor as a Level One stylist with her very own, shiny new clients!

Kelley may just be starting, but the amount of kick ass hair that leaves her chair on a daily basis has us wondering if she wasn't already a stylist in a past life. This chick is seriously impressive, and we want to tell you all about it.

Do you have a minute? Sweet. Meet Kelley.

If you're like us and you just can't get enough Kelley in your life, read this exclusive interview we had to fight off all of the local reporters for.

Why did you choose to be a stylist?
I've always loved doing hair and makeup for the people in my life. If you're good at what you do, people trust you to be as creative as you want knowing the finished look will be amazing. Making others feel beautiful is an incredible feeling.

Talk a little bit about your career.
I couldn't have asked for a better start to my career as a stylist. After graduating from beauty school I immediately started at Tyler Mason and the learning hasn't stopped! I have had so many wonderful opportunities to participate in continuing education, and I learn new things everyday that make me a better stylist. As for my actual career? I'm just starting! But I have really high hopes for the things I'm going to accomplish here.

What is your favorite thing about doing hair for a living?
I know I said this about why I chose to be a stylist, but making people feel beautiful is still my favorite aspect about my job. I love seeing how happy my clients are when they leave my chair, and I know it's because they feel great about themselves and I had a role in that.

What do you like to do outside of Tyler Mason?
Outside of work I spend a lot of time with my family. Since I work inside I try to spend as much of my free time outside as I can, going on runs and riding my horses. I also love to cook!

Name a hair product or tool you can't live without.
I absolutely can not live without Oi. Since I started at Tyler Mason and began using it I've seen such a difference in not only my client's hair, but mine also. I also can't live without my blow dryer but I think that goes without saying.

What do you consider to be your specialty?
I guess I would say my specialties are women's cuts and makeup, although I really love it all. My favorite service to perform is a simple cut/color combo. Can't beat the classics!

What is your favorite aspect of working at Tyler Mason?
The whole salon in general. I work with a group of amazing, talented women that are so fun to be around. I love the feeling of knowing I work at such an awesome place where I can look forward to coming to work everyday. The continuing education provided is so beneficial. Of course all of the opportunities to work with the Colts is always a perk!


And there you have it. Our Kelley is all grown up (and accepting new clients).