We <3 Makeup

Our annual, much awaited, Fall Makeup Event is nearly upon us, and if we were to sum up our new makeup in one word it would be a collective wow, heard around the globe. Or at least around the west side.

Exaggerations aside, our new makeup IS perfect (that's really not an embellishment), and has all the hues, shades, colors, tints and textures to give any face a flawless fall look.

Luxury Mascara

This new stuff combines the best of both worlds when it comes to our mascara. With the lengthening power of our HD line, and the volumizing benefits of Volume X, it's the only tube you'll need for day and night. The all new 4 in 1 Luxury Mascara lengthens, curls, adds volume and lasts all day, saving you at least 10 minutes between 5 p.m. and happy hour. Plus, the new strengthening formula helps protect & condition your luscious lashes.

photo2013 Fall Palette

All the fall style research we've done points to beautiful, naturally found color as the trend of the season. Our eyeshadow and lip color palette features 24 must-have colors drawing inspiration from deep gemstone shades, bright and flowery pinks, reds and oranges, and sun baked tans and nudes.

Our palette showcases the season's best eyeshadows and lipsticks in all the colors sure to pop this season. Plus, who doesn't love a nifty little case?

eyeshadowNew Luxury Lipstick and Gloss Colors

We have two new color additions for your favorite lip treatments, our Luxury Lipstick and Gloss. Paprika, our stunning new lipstick color, can't even be done justice with this high-res iPhone photo. Truly, you have to see it in person, and it may even be worth a special trip. If you're a fan of red lips (and you probably should be) then you need to try this color.

If you like something with a little more shimmer a) oh hey girl!, and b) try our new gloss, Ice Wine. If you like wine, try Ice Wine. There, that should cover everyone.

lipsSo we can all agree our new makeup is where it's at in terms of fall makeup, but do you know the tips and tricks to maximize your makeup for a brightened, polished look?  If not, you're in luck. At our Fall Makeup Event you book a one on one appointment with one of our makeup specialists, who will pick out the best cosmetics just for you and teach you how to apply a day and night look.

Appointments are $25 from September 24-28, or if you purchase $25 in Tyler Mason cosmetics your lesson is free! We all love free and we all love TM cosmetics, so what's your excuse? Call us at 317-271-3330 to book your appointment, or use our online scheduler at http://goo.gl/UAt8C3.