Got Game?

We do. Actually we have gameĀ tickets.

Unless you live under a rock, you should know by now that we're the official salon and spa of the Colts Cheerleaders. That comes with a few perks, namely, we get to go to the games. Our seats are usually pretty good and sometimes, they're really good. And by really good, we mean floor seats.

You should also know by now that if Tyler Mason were in elementary school (or human) we'd get the most gold stickers for sharing. Do you feel like all this descriptive dialogue is leading up to something awesome? If you answered yes, you also get a gold sticker.

We're giving away TWO FLOOR SEAT COLTS TICKETS for the Sunday, November 10 game against the St. Louis Rams!!!!

Catch your breath.

Here's how you win:

1. Pick up one of these handy dandy punch cards from one of our front desk girls.

product promo card

2. Complete any two boxes on the card, and have it initialed when you check out. Then, you're entered to win.

Super simple contest. Super awesome tickets. The only thing you don't get is a free sandwich at the end.

What are you waiting for?