October My Beauty Must Have

As you should probably know by now, every month we feature one of our products as the My Beauty Must Have of the month. You, our guests, receive 10% off of your favorite products, and we get a feel for what our technicians love.

This month Rachel was our lucky chosen one, and following the makeup-y mood of the month*, she chose Invisible Blotting Powder from the TM Cosmetics line!

*In case you missed it, which would have been almost impossible, September was Makeup Madness month at Tyler Mason. If you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), this is one instance when you're not just being paranoid. You did miss out. Never fear! We have another one in the Spring. *

Anyway, our Invisible Blotting Powder is pretty neat stuff. The color is ghostly white, and throws about 100% of people off the first time they see it. "That's DEFINITELY not my color, are you crazy?!" is a typical first response, and we won't judge you later when you find out that it's called invisible for a reason. Rest assured, our makeup experts aren't crazy and are terrific at recommending makeup perfect for your skin tone.

The powder functions a lot like those oil strips you buy at the drugstore, but leaves no horrific evidence that yes, your face is actually THAT oily. You can apply it anytime throughout the day, before or after makeup application, which means you really have no excuse to use those detestable strips again.

But let's hear from the expert Rachel, about why she loves the product and how she uses it.

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