It’s Not Your Average Dry Shampoo

It's our experience that women fall into one of two extremes when it comes to their opinion of dry shampoo:

1) "Dry shampoo? Yeah right. Only if you want to look prematurely grey and waste your money. Leave me alone."


2) "Dry shampoo? It's my other half, my life partner, my hair's soul mate, if you will. Give me everything you have in stock."

The fact is that, like any product, average dry shampoo just works differently on different types of hair. But leave it to Davines, an anything but average company, to revolutionize the hair product market once again. I give you *drumroll*...



This is for the nay say'ers, the leave me alone'rs, the shampoo your hair everyday'ers (which is seriously no good). We CHALLENGE you to try this and hate it. For you women who already love dry shampoo, be prepared to experience a whole new level of bliss.

It's true that Tyler Mason has a love affair going with Davines, but that doesn't mean we're biased, and we would never steer you wrong. This IS for everyone, and we know that's a bold statement. Everything Davines does they do with a lot of time, effort, research and quality. Like us, they care about your hair.

Davines Hair Refresher is made with rice starch, that works (and works well) to soak up any excess oil that's making your style fall flat. Phenyl Trimethicone gives your hair extra shine for a just washed look. It packs some serious force to cover each and every hair, doesn't weight your hair down, and doesn't leave a white residue, we promise. Check out Leslie's hair, who suffered through a weekend of dirty hair just for this test:

Hair refresher before and afterWhat was before oily, piecey and flat was INSTANTLY transformed into brighter, bouncier, cleaner looking hair with the help of Hair Refresher. See any white residue on Leslie's dark hair? Neither do we.

At this point, we're assuming all you dry shampoo fanatics have already left our blog and are on your way here. See you shortly.

If you STILL need some convincing, here's everything Hair Refresher is perfect for:

-After a sweaty workout
-After a massage or facial
-Preserving your color with fewer washes
-Helping your blowout last longer
-When it's Monday and you're inevitably running late
-For your teenager who literally thinks it's cool to have dirty hair
-For a busy, working mother
-For any mother in general (let's not pretend motherhood leaves you time to wash your hair)
-After swimming at the pool or beach
-Helping build volume for curls or updos
-Etc, etc, etc, etc... you get the picture

If you're STILL a skeptic (really though?), you'll just have to come try it. Next time you're in ask your stylist to try it on your hair before they take you back to the shampoo spa. Take our word for it, Hair Refresher just became your newest hair care staple.