more inside. literally.

After stalking Davines' social media for months, watching Angelo Seminara's video 100 times and totally geeking out at a more inside class, it's finally arrived. It sort of felt like Christmas? The best birthday any of us have ever had maybe? Regardless, the more inside styling line by DavinesĀ is HERE at Tyler Mason and our salon is buzzing with good, good vibes. We've been waiting so anxiously we almost don't want to sell them. Just kidding, but that pretty packaging looks quite at home on our shelves.

more inside

So what's the big deal about more inside? Um, everything. But let me go into more detail for you. Davines has completely revolutionized its styling line, and chances are you won't see your favorite product on the shelves anymore. Don't fret however, because we can personally guarantee it's been reformulated with cutting edge technology and replaced with a product that will be above and beyond what you're expecting. Here are a few key things you should know:

Davines has become even MORE sustainable (as if that's evenĀ possible)...

What was once a family of 34 styling products has been downsized to 17. By reformulating many of the products, Davines was able to encompass all of the styling effects we've come to love into less products. You'll still achieve the same look, but you won't need as much to do it. Everything is also eco friendly, including bottling, packaging and the ingredients. Happier hair, happier bank account, happier planet, a win win win.

The story behind the pretty wrapping is actually pretty cool...

So apparently Easter is a lot of fun in Italy. Children are given large Easter eggs, wrapped in layers of beautifully colored paper, and the tradition is to pull back each layer of wrapping until they reach the awesome gift inside. Davines is based out of Italy, and used the same idea when designing the packaging for more inside. Inside each beautifully wrapped package is something just a little more than you've come to expect.

There is literally more inside...

It's not just a creative name thought up by some Italian ad man (who we hope looks just like Don Draper). On the inside of the packaging is an inspirational message that's unique to each individual item, and styling tips for using the product. In other words, open carefully.

Each product was designed with cutting edge technology to work together seamlessly...

Besides doing what it's supposed to do, each and every product has a few defining characteristics. No matter what you're trying to achieve, each product fights against humidity, protects against heat, adds moisture, and has an amazing cyprus-ginger scent.

Don't let all of this change scare you. Come talk to your favorite Tyler Mason stylist and they'll help you choose the products that will recreate the style you love, or create a fabulous new style. The only kind of change this is is a good one, we promise.

And in true Tyler Mason fashion, we did this product launch big. When you make your more inside purchase, you get to unwrap a little something more from us. See what we did there? But in all seriousness, we have five beautifully wrapped gift boxes that theoretically have your name written on them. After you check out at the front desk, one of the lovely ladies will help you choose a gift that contains sample product, discounts and more. We'll see you soon!