WANTED: life-long clients for eligible stylist

Emily. She's super sweet. She's a little sarcastic (in a really endearing way). She loves to read. She makes really good homemade Twix bars. She used to hold Lindsey's baby belly from behind (not really but they talked about it). She grew up in Avon. She went to Regency Beauty Institute, but what you REALLY need to know... Emily is the newest stylist at Tyler Mason, and she does incredible hair.

Emily is clearly the most lovable person on earth, and she's looking for the lifelong clients who complete her. We sat down with Emily to find out what she's looking for in her ideal client.

TM: So Emily, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose the beauty industry.

E: I was attending a four year university when I realized... I had no desire to be attending a four year university. I've always loved doing hair, but didn't realize the great career I could make for myself in the industry. I decided to take a risk and pursue something I'm passionate about.

TM: So you're a risk taker, huh? Is that something you're looking for in your ideal client?

E: I have an artistic side, and one of my favorite things about being a hair stylist is that I get to express that artistry through really fun, and sometimes daring, cuts, colors and styles. But just because someone isn't a self-described risk taker with their looks doesn't mean they aren't perfect for me. What I'm looking for the most are clients who are the full package, meaning they want a cut, color, style, the whole shebang. A full service like that is my absolute favorite thing, but I've been looking forward to finding my perfect clients for what feels like my whole life, and if you want to come see me for something as small as a bang trim, I'll love you just the same.

TM: Let's talk about personalities for a second. What traits will your ideal client have?

E: Obviously I want clients who are into commitment. I see these Level 4's with a laundry list of clients who they've been seeing for years and have a really personal relationship with. I'm like 'jeez, how do you keep up with so many ideal clients?!' but I know with time and experience I'll be able to do that too. I want that. As an apprentice you service all these wonderful people and sometimes have a great connection, but inevitably they get back in with their long-term stylist and you never hear from them again. I want clients who are into being with one stylist (me) for as long we both shall live.

TM: What are some things your future ideal clients should know about you?

E: Well... I love to hang out with my friends and family. They inspire me and drive me to be the person I want to be. I'm also an avid reader, so if you like to read I'm the perfect stylist for you. I CAN NOT live without Davines Oi-Oil or my flat iron, so if you end up being my ideal client, just know those are two of my vices.

TM: Oi isn't a vice it's a lifestyle. Moving on, how do you think your apprenticeship has prepared you for the hunt for your ideal clients?

E: My apprenticeship was amazing, and I learned so much about what will keep my clients happy and make them stick around.  All of the stylists here are so talented, and I see the way their clients look at them with love and adoration when their hair looks like a runway model's... it's important for me to be able to make my clients that happy. All of the continuing education and all of the time I've spent on the floor has prepared me, and I'm ready to find lifelong clients of my own.

TM: Leave these potential clients with a few words. Why should they decide to settle down now, and make you their one and only stylist? 

E: I want these potential clients to know that I will never take the fact that I have their whole heart head in my hands lightly. My goal is to make them comfortable when they sit in my chair, make them completely at ease during their service, and ensure they leave with a smile on their face and a haircut so irresistible they'll always come back to me for more.


So there you have it folks. Emily is one eligible stylist, just waiting for the clients who complete her. Do you know someone who's in a stylist/client relationship that just isn't working out? Maybe you or someone you know needs a change. No matter what your reasoning is, if you know someone on the prowl for their ideal stylist... Emily's their girl.