It’s The Time Of The Season For Loving… say The Zombies. We won't ask your name or who your daddy is because although it's a great song, we're just too excited to get to this blog's main event. Can you guess what it is?

*cue Jeopardy music*

Time's up. If your guess had something to do with chubby naked babies, lots of hearts, lots of chocolate and oh yeah, love... then you're right. We're talking about Valentine's Day.

Some naysayers call it a holiday created by greeting card companies but we disagree at Tyler Mason. We call it a celebration of love, one of the world's greatest gifts; and a great opportunity for your guy to buy you a Tyler Mason gift card, another one of the world's greatest gifts. And you already know we have some great things up our sleeves, per the usual.


Save the best for last? Nope, we're diving right in! You'll receive a FREE sampler pack of delicious Fannie Mae chocolates with each $100 gift card you purchase. Make a purchase of $200 or more and you'll receive a GORGEOUS free makeup bag AND TM Cosmetics Vitamin C Lip Balm!

Valentine's Day Gift Card Packages

Sweetheart Package $115: 30 minute Relaxation Massage, 30 minute Quick Fix Facial, Beautiful Blowout & Style

Better Than A Box Of Chocolates Nail Package $105: Chocolate Peppermint Manicure & Pedicure

Be Mine Full Day Getaway $255: 60 minute Relaxation Massage, Specifically For You Facial, Chocolate Peppermint Manicure & Pedicure, Luscious Lip Treatment

Couple's Relaxation Getaway: Couples who relax together stay together. Indulge in a relaxing massage together, each with your own therapist, in our room made just for two.

Blowouts & Bubbly

What's a Tyler Mason holiday without a little bubbly anyway? Treat yourself, and him, to a gorgeous blowout and makeup application for your big date night. You can sit back and relax, sip champagne, eat chocolate covered strawberries and we'll do all the work for you. How sweet does that sound?

Makeup Application...$20
His Face...Priceless

Luscious Lip Treatments

Get your lips in kissable shape! Schedule a Luscious Lip Treatment in February for just $15 and you'll receive a Vitamin C Lip Balm FREE! There's a reason our guests ask us all year if we're bringing this promo back...

B Confident

You know you're going to be buying your favorite styling spray anyway... buy a can of B Confident Hairspray this month, and you'll get a travel size can AND travel toiletry bag for only $5!

With all those ways to save, your only job is to make sure your gift buyer sees this blog. Or you can click over to our promotions page here, print off all our handy flyers and leave them casually around the house like, you know, on his pillow... in his car... on top of the remote... those really casual places. Happy Valentine's Day!