The Low-Down On Women’s Heart Disease

We get it. We're a building full of stylists and technicians. None of us are doctors, and none of us are experts on heart disease... so why are we writing about it and why should you trust us? Sure, we want you to feel beautiful and confident on the outside, but we also want you healthy, well and happy. February is American Heart Month, and that means something to us. A lot of heart goes into what we do here, from the services we provide, to the superb customer service we strive for, to the personal relationships we have with each other and our guests. We want the best for you, plain and simple.

You can also trust us because all of these numbers and statistics and things we aren't very good at are coming straight from the CDC website. We will do some interpreting, but be assured that we read that website front, back, up, down, sideways and diagonal. Thanks a million, Center for Disease Control!

Heart disease is completely preventable and controllable, yet it's the leading cause of death in men and women according to the CDC. Soooo what's the deal here? Why is something that CAN be avoided taking roughly 600,000 lives each year?

One reason could be that the term "heart disease" is actually really vague, and encompasses all sorts of ailments. Coronary heart disease is the most common type, which is the buildup of plaque in major arteries. It's not hard to guess why this is the most common type, since it's often caused of our own devices. Aka, everything good and fun in life like fried food, alcohol and day-long Netflix binges. Coronary heart disease leads to other ailments, like heart attacks, arrhythmia and even heart failure.

The only way to stave off blockage of your arteries is prevention. Swap those french fries for carrots. Put down your remote and hit the pavement. No, being healthy isn't always fun, but it is always 100% worth it. Even the smallest of healthy changes in your routine will make a difference.

There are other ailments that fall under the realm of heart disease that can't be avoided, whether they're caused by family history, prior infections, etc. Cardiomyopathy, rheumatic heart disease, and arrhythmia are a few of them. We don't pretend to know how to pronounce them. Sometimes these conditions are unavoidable, so the best way to avoid something serious is to always know the warning signs and see a doctor regularly.

Another reason heart disease is so deadly is because it's hard to detect. What it all seems to boil down to, is that heart conditions are very, very broad. And extremely easy to overlook until you're having a heart attack. One issue can lead to another, especially when it involves blocked arteries. Definitely know these warning signs and preventative measures:

-Pain or discomfort in the jaw, neck or back
-Irregular heartbeat
-Feeling weak, lightheaded or faint
-Chest pain or discomfort
-Pain or discomfort in the arms or shoulder
-Shortness of breath

-Strive to eat a healthy diet
-Maintain a healthy weight and BMI
-Exercise regularly
-Don't smoke
-Watch your alcohol intake

All month long Tyler Mason will be working to raise money for the American Heart Association. One way you can help? Buy lipstick. A $5 donation will be taken from each Paprika Luxury Lipstick, our TM signature red color, we sell in February. Giving back never looked so good, huh ladies?

All jokes aside, we hope you take this information and put it to good use. We hate to hear the mortality rate of heart disease is so high, when it could be avoided, and we hope to make a small difference in helping that number go down. For more information (or to check our facts), visit the CDC's heart disease information pageĀ here.