You CAN wear orange lipstick, and other crucial life lessons you’ll learn at the Spring Makeup Event.

Wednesday, March 19
3-4 pm
4-5 pm
5-6 pm

Thursday, March 20
2-3 pm
4-5 pm
5-6 pm

Friday, March 21
11 am-12 pm
12-1 pm

If you've checked out our latest Pinterest board (click here if you haven't), then you know what's hot for spring- bright orange lips, pastel highlights, deep blue and purple eye makeup, and a slew of other super hot, and perhaps daunting, trends. Because let's face it, bright orange lipstick is not something we're used to seeing, wearing or applying.

orange lipstickl

But it is really pretty (see above) if you choose the right shade and it's applied properly, and that goes for most makeup colors and trends. Makeup is not one size fits all, and that's where a lot of people who are inexperienced with makeup will find themselves having trouble. As I'm sure we all know, trying something new with your makeup can go really bad, really fast.

Repeat after me:
I. Can. Pull. Off. Orange. Lipstick.
Literally and figuratively. Yes even you, with the kids and the husband and the career. A slightly less glamorous version of the stuff we see on the runways will look good on you and still be appropriate at the grocery store if you know how to make it work for you.

And per the usual, your Tyler Mason beauty gurus are here to answer all your questions. From March 17-22 we're offering hour long, one-on-one makeup consultations at our Spring Makeup Event. Our technicians will pick out the perfect makeup just for you, and show you how to apply a day and evening look. If that's not enough to tempt you, these appointments are COMPLETELY FREE if you spend $25 on TM Cosmetics after your consultation.

free makeup

Guests at the Spring Makeup Event will also be the first people to try the new makeup we're bringing on for spring! We're in love with the gorgeous shades of our baked split color eye shadows, the vibrancy of our hydrating lip balms & gel lip liner and the EASIEST eyeliner you'll ever use, our new felt tip liner.

new makeup

AS IF (Clueless anybody?) this event could get any better, every Spring Makeup Event guest will receive a
---> FREE mini facial, and
---> anyone who spends $75 or more will receive a free makeup bag and mascara.

You don't need a good reason to come hang out at your favorite salon and spa, but here's one anyway. Grab your girls and join us while we go crazy about makeup for a week! Well, crazier than usual.

Appointments are booking fast! Call us at 317-271-3330 and we'll see you next week.