Summer Hair Woes – Minimize Your UV Damage

It's been a mild summer here temperature wise, but don't think the sun hasn't been shining it's rays on your fresh salon cut and color. Remember being told to still apply sunscreen even when it's cloudy? The same goes for your hair. Even if you can't feel it like a sunburn, harsh UV rays can cause some serious damage to your tresses.

Lots of sun exposure actually changes the structure of your hair shaft by draining it of important proteins, namely keratin, and strips it of the pigment that produces hair color. For salon colored hair, the depletion of pigment is even more rapid. So what can you do to protect your investment?

  • Choose products that contain full spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  It just takes an extra second to take a closer look at the bottle you're about to purchase to make sure it includes the extra security your hair needs.
  • Look for products specifically for color treated hair that contain extra powerful ingredients for the harsher months. Think deep conditioners or leave-in conditioning sprays that will strengthen, support and reinforce!  It's like an army defending your hair and with the amount you invest in your color you should have an army to defend it!
  • Getting your hair wet with chlorine or saltwater is just asking for trouble - but who can resist the temptation of cool water when the sun is blazing.  Be careful though, because not only will the sun exposure cause damage, the harsh chemicals and salt weakens hair and makes it more prone to damage because it strips the natural oils (and color) that protect your hair.  So before you take the plunge make sure to coat your locks with a leave-in conditioner or at least stop at the showers and douse it with a good dose of regular H2O before taking the plunge.  And we know some of you won't heed our advice because it just seems like so much work when we know all you want to do is a make a beeline to the watering hole and do a cannonball.  So for you rebels we recommend washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo about once a week that will make sure to get all those impurities out and then follow with a deep conditioner to pack the moisture back in.
  • So what do you do if you know your hair is already stressed out, and now all this summertime fun is causing your hair (and well you too if we're being honest) to stress out even more?  Believe me we feel your pain - after all we do work at a salon and change our looks maybe a little too often.  Do what we do and use a restorative hair mask (just like a conditioner but a super hero strength conditioner) one to two times per week that replenishes moisture and all around awesomeness to your hair.

davines summer products

Or course, Tyler Mason carries all of the products you need to restore your hair's integrity after sun damage has occurred, and the products you should leave with after your next color appointment to preserve your color and prevent sun damage in the first place. The products listed are all natural, color-safe products from Davines.

Melu Shield $36.85

This thermal protectant seals and protects the hair using essential oils and antioxidants to create a strong conditioning power that works again the sun and hot tools at their highest heat.

Nourishing Veggie Miracle Conditioner $35.11

This is a really deep conditioner that uses acai oil, grape phytoceutials, passiflora oil and rice oil to penetrate deep in the hair shaft and leave hair soft and shiny. It improves your hair's ability to combat UV rays and helps make the hair structure even.

Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo $29.23

This deep-cleansing shampoo is an exfoliant for your scalp and leaves hair completely refreshed and free of chemicals and free radicals. Artichoke phytoceutials serve as scrub particles that provide a gentle yet deep clean.

Dede Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist $31.02

This delicate, replenishing fluid conditioner fills in the hair shaft and helps repair the structure, with an innovative formula designed for stressed hair. It helps balance the weight of your hair, and is made with grape extract that protects against the sun, and panthenol, which adds moisture and shine.