Makeup for your roots? Yeah, it’s a thing.

wow color

Say hello and welcome to the newest product available for purchase at tyler mason:

Color Wow Root Cover Up!

That's right, you can completely mask your new growth between color appointments. We know what you're thinking... and it does sound too good to be true. But this isn't some "at-home" gimmick you should be wary of (at-home frosting kits anyone?), because it truly works, it's nearly impossible to mess up but easy to wash out if you do, and it doesn't damage the integrity of your hair. And come on, have we ever steered you wrong?

This unique mineral powder technology works by adhering to your hair without being sticky or oily. It is made of a water-resistant formula which means it doesn't come out until you give it a good scrub with shampoo. Sweating at the gym? Swimming in the pool? No problem, and no need to reapply. It comes in several different shades, but each shade is also made of a variety of pigments and reflective particles so it will be a natural match for nearly any hair color.

Our lovely owner and founder Tammie is a huge supporter of Color Wow, and uses it on a regular basis to help mask those, ahem, "natural" highlights.

"I am in love with Color WOW! My short hair grows really fast and it's mostly gray around my face.  Even though I work in a salon, my busy schedule doesn't allow me to color those stubborn, gray, shorties around my face every 2 weeks, then the rest of my hair every 4 weeks.  Color WOW has literally saved me hours of my time!  When the gray starts peeking out around my hairline, I use the Color WOW while I'm putting on my makeup.  It has stayed put even when I sweat! (I mean, glow.) It's never rubbed off on my clothes or my pillow and now I only have to get my color done once, every 4 weeks!"

And if all our raving doesn't convince you, just take a look at these before and afters.

wow color 2

Amazing, huh? These results are totally typical too... what you see is what you get with this product. You can cover up your roots and mask grown out highlights easily, and it works for almost any hair color.

Next time you're in ask your stylist to try this product on you before they apply your color so you can see the difference for yourself, and if you really need some more convincing... watch this video and prepare to be amazed.