Fall Makeup Event 2014

Ahhhhhh, fall. When bonfires take precedence above work, responsibility, well ... everything! When we spend countless hours we somehow didn't have before and gallons of gas looking at... leaves. And when we ensure we don't go one single day until December that is void of interaction with an apple or member of the squash family.

And of course, we all know that the season is not complete without Tyler Mason's annual Fall Makeup Event. It's one event that warrants a bonfire skip-able. If you've never been, you don't know what you're missing... and you especially don't want to miss this year. The trends for fall 2014 are stunning and with an appointment at our Fall Makeup Event you'll get a personalized, one-on-one hour long session with one of our makeup artists to answer all of your questions and learn tips and tricks for every age, skin type and personality.  Best of all your appointment is FREE - as long as you purchase $25 in makeup (which won't be hard to do with all the beautiful items we'll be introducing).

Attendees will also be the first guests to sample and purchase the new makeup we're bringing on to match the new fall and winter trends. This season we're looking at eyes and lips as the focal point, complemented by an understated, natural face.

Trend One: Exaggerated Eyelashes


Eyelashes are one of the most taken for granted features in our beauty routine. They're consistent, reliable, and without them... I mean yikes. They're basically the Johnny Depp of our physical features (for goodness sake give the man an Oscar). But all of that is changing this season, and our lashes are finally getting the academy industry recognition they deserve. The bigger the better. The darker the better. The more dramatic, bold and magnificent they are... the better.

Our Luxury Mascara is one big tube of awesome, and since lashes are IT this season, we're bringing on a waterproof version so it'll last as long as you need it to. The 4-in-1 mascara curls, lengthens, adds volume and locks lashes into place to prevent unsightly shake off. Your lashes will be perfectly defined as long as you want them to be. Grab a tube, channel your inner Jack Sparrow, and let your dramatic eyes do the talking.

Trend Two: Metallic Touches

Light, breezy and natural were the go-to eyeshadow looks for spring and summer, but we're doing a complete 180 for fall. Dramatic eyelashes need an equally stunning shadow to keep pace, and the look that's doing it is metallic and vibrant. Think glitter, shine, shimmer... think awesome.

Our makeup die-hards will be thrilled to know we're adding another shadow quad to join the Fashionista and Naturalist family, and her name is Smoke and Mirrors. She's saucy, gorgeous and best of all, shimmery and metallic. You can create a gorgeous smokey eye or keep it subtle with just a hint of glittery silver.

smoke and mirrors

Trend Three: Luscious Lips

Pucker up, because another hot look this season will be lips that don't quit. Forget the sheer lip balm you've been working with all summer, and pick up a tube or two (or three or four) of our new Liquid Lipstick.


So, this stuff is kind of hard to explain in blog form and you should probably just come try it for yourself BUT, until then, just try to imagine your favorite tube of lipstick had a baby with your favorite gloss and this is the procreation. This stuff is ultra pigmented like lipstick, but goes on smooth, simple and full. It will completely coat your lips in gorgeous fall shades and won't fade. Sometimes though, words don't do a product justice, and you seriously should come check out the magnificence for yourself.

Because lips are so in this summer, we're also bringing on a new shade of our waterproof gel lip liner and, wait for it, IT'S INVISIBLE. A genius must have come up with that idea, because how perfect?! You'll be able to use it with any of the new Liquid Lipstick shades and won't ever have to worry about color matching again. Best thing since sliced bread? It just might be.

In summation...

We hope you learned a few things here today: 1) Keep your skin as natural as possible and stay away from bronzer and blush. 2) Force people to look you in the eye with bombshell lashes and metallic shadow. 3) Accentuate your lips and make those the focal point with ultra pigmented lipstick.

And of course, come to the Fall Makeup Event! There's only so much you can learn from blogs and tutorials before you need to consult with an expert, and our staff is chock full of those! We'll show you how to put these trends in to action for an unstoppable fall and winter look. Call us at 317-271-3330 to schedule your appointment and make sure to leave us a comment and share what things you love most about fall!