Your Essentials


"I believe in the truth of the inexplicable, in the common sense of stones, in the lunacy of flowers."  - based on 'What I Believe' by J. Ballard.

This quote adorns the cover of each guide book for the new Essentials Haircare line. Made with nine heirloom ingredients from nine Italian farms, Essentials represents the very best in hair care products and sustainable beauty. What does this quote have to do with anything? Well... we think it's left up to the interpretation of the reader, which is why it's so quintessentially Davines. Everything they do, which is on a large global scale, is done with care, love and devotion, packaged with a sweet love note (like the quote above), delivers incredible results... and (most importantly) makes you think - about the products we use, how we treat our hair and bodies, and how everything we do and consume affects our environment.

So what do we believe in? Davines. We feel confident and safe about the products we love to use for ourselves and our families and provide for our guests. We believe in their mission for complete sustainable beauty, and we believe you'll love the new Essentials as much as we do.

Introducing Your New Essentials

"We have designed a product line that reflects our values, our way of respecting people, their context and the environment in which they live." - Davines

Davines has always striven to make GREAT hair care products while maintaining their family run, small business values and protecting our earth. The goal with the new Essentials was to not only use eco-friendly production methods like they've done in the past, but to make the products themselves protect biodiversity by incorporating natural, food grade ingredients that are at the risk of extinction.

They started by "cleaning up" the line, and by that we mean they reformulated each and every product to serve a very specific purpose. In the old Essentials there were many products to choose from, and while we can all agree they were amazing, some of them produced results that were overlapping, or the products could be used somewhat interchangeably. During the reformulation, Davines did away with some of the products, and worked to create one product for each hair issue that works EXCEPTIONALLY well. You may notice the product you use now is no longer on our shelves but don't worry, there is another product that will work even better.

Aside from the reformulation, the sustainability efforts put in to this line are incredible. They changed their packaging so it uses 30% less plastic and can be shipped in much higher quantities. Only a place like Davines would take in to consideration the pollution put off by the UPS truck carrying its products. They are also part of the LifeGate Zero Impact project, meaning Davines strives to put off as few emissions of pollution as possible by using renewable energy, and sponsoring the creation and protection of forests in the areas of the world where they harvest their ingredients. In other words, any pollution Davines creates is counteracted by an environmentally sound action.

Probably the most fantastic part about the new Essentials is Davines' partnership with Slow Food International. SFI is a group that strives to protect native breeds and varieties of plants that are near extinction. It's a startling fact that 23% of plants are currently threatened by extinction, and that rate has increased 1000 times over the last century.

What Slow Food International has done is to create many "Presidias," or governing bodies to preserve and maintain an area's historically common plants, particularly as they pertain to food. If we think about our culture here, we know it's largely centered around what we eat, and what type of food depends on the area. What's happening across the globe is that many cultures are losing the plants and vegetation that have historically sustained them. This movement started with a specific type of Italian wine, Barolo wine. The grapes used to make this wine were on the verge of extinction before a group of individuals who understood the historical importance of the wine to their heritage decided to take action. There are now more than 400 Presidias in the world, and Indianapolis even has their own Slow Food chapter (

Davines paired with some of these Presidias, to learn about some of Italy's most important crops, from which they carefully chose nine to work with that they could formulate in to their Essentials hair care line to produce incredible products while supporting the local farmers. Each ingredient used has a name, a face and a story. If you look closely at your bottle, you'll see the name of the farmer and the region of Italy where the active ingredient was harvested from.

But wait... there's even more. The active ingredients are taken from the "waste" part of the plant. For example, Davines harvests what they need for Dede from the leafy part of the red celery, then send the rest back to the farm so it can be used in its entirety. It should also be noted that all of the products are gluten, paraben & sulfate free, and vegan with the exception of Volu Mist which uses an ingredient taken from sheep's wool. But hey, sheep have to be sheared regardless right?

And to top off all of this sustainability talk, the products are completely biodegradable. After being washed away in your shower, 75% of the ingredients will disintegrate harmlessly into the earth within 28 days. After another 28 days, the remaining 25% will completely disintegrate as well. Wow.

The nine families in Essentials each contain a specific characteristic and function: nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protection, elasticity, smoothness and daily care, and they're detailed below. You'll also notice that we included a back story about the active ingredient and listed the farm from where it came for each family.

Say hello to Minu! - for colored hair

This is the newest family member in the Essentials line. Minu (mee-new) is a fade prevention system for illuminating and protecting colored hair. You may have been using the Nou Nou family to produce these results, but if your hair is healthy and you want to solely focus on the protection of your color, we encourage you to make the switch. The family includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask (deep conditioner) and hair serum.

Made with Caper Blossoms from the farm of Mr. Salvatore D'Amico on Salina Island.
"A perennial bush of tropical origin, the caper has been growing around the Mediterranean basin from time immemorial; references to its use as a food and medicine are found in the Bible, in the works of Hippocrates, Aristotle and Pliny the Old."

Nou Nou - for highly processed hair

This strong nourishing system is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and anti-oxidants thanks to its high Vitamin C content. While this family is still color safe (like all of the families), it's specifically designed for highly processed hair damaged by highlights, bleaching, perms and straightening treatments. It includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.

Made with Fiaschetto tomatoes from the farm of Mr. Mario di Latte of Brindisi, Italy.
"This juicy and sweet small tomato is part of the gastronomic tradition of its region; it was the main ingredient that all families, even in urban areas, used to prepare the tomato sauce for the winter. Yet, despite its historical importance, the Fiaschetto tomato came close to disappearing: growing it was too expensive and its yields were too low compared to modern hybrids developed for sauce making. Thanks to a careful search in the private vegetable gardens of the area, Fiaschetto plants were found and used to reintroduce this refined tomato variety."

Momo - for dry or dehydrated hair

This is a deeply hydrating family that's rich in water, vitamins and mineral salts and is perfect for dry or dehydrated hair. It's complete with a shampoo, conditioner and hair potion, that is a leave-in moisturizing cream (think leave-in conditioner).

Made with yellow melon from the farm of Mrs. Francesca Simonte of Trapani, Italy.
"In the early 17th century the growing of melons was very common in the agricultural villages near Trapani, Italy. After the late harvest, melons were stored on terraces or hung on balconies until Christmas when, once sliced, they were enjoyed for their sweetness and juiciness. To protect the farm, after obtaining the melon extract, Davines sends the melon seeds back to Mrs. Simonte so she can plant them again."

Dede - for daily use

If you're someone who can't go a day without washing their hair, this is the shampoo and conditioner for you. Oftentimes, daily washing strips the hair of its natural oils and minerals - but Dede works to add these things back in to the hair while still leaving you feeling cleansed. The family includes a shampoo, a light conditioner and a hair mist that serves as a delicate leave-in conditioner.

Made with red celery from the farm of Mr. Giancarlo and Mr. Doriano Pozzatello from Turin, Italy.
"The story of the red celery from Orbassano began in the 17th century when Anne Marie d'Orleans, Duchess of Savoy, brought purple celery from Tours with her from France which was more flavorful than the celery then grown in Piedmont. Over the years the French purple celery adapted well to the vegetable gardens surrounding the city of Turin and developed the characteristic red color of the stalks."

Love Curl - for wavy or curly hair

This family creates softness and volume for curly hair. It's lightweight shampoo and conditioner give the hair elasticity and allows for control of curly and wavy hair that can sometimes be characteristically hard to manage. The curl cream is an elasticizing leave-in serum that invisibly defines curls and keeps the hair soft and shiny.

Made with Noto almond from the farm of Mr. Carlos Assenza in Sicily.
"Since the mid 19th century, this area, one of Sicily's most beautiful agricultural landscapes, has been home to a variety of almond of exceptional quality, the Romana, named after the family of farmers on whose fields this variety was found and who have had the honor of making it known. These almonds have a thick and woody shell that enables them to preserve their flavor and aroma for a long time, which is why they are particularly sought after by confectioners worldwide." 

Love Smoothing - for frizzy and unruly hair 

Love Smoothing is the counterpart to Love Curl, so if frizzy and unruly hair is your issue but it doesn't have a natural curl or wave then this is the family for you. The products are rich in fatty acids and vitamins, and the shampoo and conditioner provide elasticity and favor a straight appearance. There is also a hair smoother that works as an invisible leave-on anti-frizz cream.

Made with Minuta olive from the farm of Mr. Carmelo Messina in Sicily.
"The Nebrodi mountains, the large 'green heart' of Sicily, are the ideal habitat for a rare and ancient Sicilian olive cultivar, the Minuta. Unlike other Sicilian oils, the Minuta olive oil is very delicate and rich in subtle fruity notes with floral aromas. It is highly nutritious with a high concentration of polyphenols and vitamin E. The centuries-old olive groves, which are still producing, are evidence of the historical significance of Minuta olives in the area."

Solu - for all hair types

This small family consists of only one product, Solu shampoo. It's described as an "active refreshing shampoo" and works to deeply clean the hair and scalp by removing product and oil build up. It contains a high concentration of amino acids, anti-oxidants and mineral salts. This shampoo is unique because it respects the physiology of the hair and scalp by removing everything from your hair except what it needs, like vitamins and minerals. Most deep cleansing shampoos strip the hair of everything, including the things that make it healthy.

Made with buckwheat from the farm of Mr. Patrizio Mazzucchelli in Lombardy, Italy.
"Hardy, resistant to cold and drought, Valtellina buckwheat was a useful crop that could be planted in the summer after rye, potato and barley had been harvested. Since it is rarely attacked by parasites, it can be easily grown without using chemicals. Buckwheat cultivation reached its peak during the first half of the 19th century, then it began to decline leaving room for more profitable crops. Today, just a few fields remain on slopes or terraces, but it is increasingly more appreciated due to its high-nutritional quality and the absence of gluten."

Melu - for long or damaged hair

The Melu family has been a long time favorite of our guests with long hair because of its anti-breakage qualities. The shampoo and conditioner fortify the hair to keep it strong, while also making it silky and light. It comes with a thermal hair shield that can withstand temperatures up to 475 degrees. Most heat protectants aren't thermal and can't handle temperatures nearly that high.

Made with lentil seeds from the farm of Mr. Francesco Di Gesu in Sicily.
"Villalba lentils are characterized by a high content of iron and proteins, and a low content of phosphorous and potassium. Their cultivation is very sustainable since they do not require fertilizers, special treatments or irrigation." 

Volu - for fine or limp hair

This family is rich in vitamins A, B and C and minerals like calcium and iron to give body and volume to hair that is naturally fine or limp. The gentle cleansing shampoo makes hair soft and light, and is followed by a delicate hair mist instead of a creamy conditioner which can weigh down hair of this texture.

Made with turnips from the farm of Mrs. Donatella Ferraris in Piedmont, Italy
"The area of the municipality of Caprauna is characterized by an incredible expanse of ancient dry-stone terraces. In the past, farmers used to grow turnips on the same land where wheat had been harvested to promote crop rotation and prevent soil exhaustion. Thanks to the altitude and the cool, damp climate, turnips grew in optimal conditions and with a particularly mild flavor."