Spring Up Your Makeup Bag

It certainly doesn't feel like warmer weather is on the horizon, but it's the beginning of March and we can assume (hopefully) based on all historical indications that spring is right around the corner. It certainly can't hurt to start thinking about warmer weather prep in the form of pedicures, waxing, highlights, spring cleaning... the fun stuff!

Yes, you read that right. We included spring cleaning in a list labeled 'fun stuff' that you can start doing to get in the warm weather spirit - and that's because what we're referring to is your makeup bag and beauty routine. That's right, it's time to store away your heavy winter makeup and creams and invest in a springy new armory of products. And that's not just because we always want our guests to feel like they're current and on trend, but also because chances are, there are some makeup items in your bag that are way past their expiration date. Read on for our advice about making the seasonal beauty routine switch, then come see us at our Spring Makeup Event (March 16-22) so our makeup artists can help you create your go-to spring and summer look.

Winter vs. Summer

As anyone who has lived in Indiana for a seasonal cycle knows, our winters and summers are vastly different. We have very cold colds, and very hot hots. It just makes sense that our hair and skin will need some help adjusting in the form of products and treatments. In this blog we're focused on makeup and skincare, but you can check out our previous blog for protecting your hair against harsh hot weather here.

By this time in the year your skin is used to a dry, cold climate and you're probably sloughing on the heavy creams and moisturizers that will be much too heavy come summer. For a lot of people, warm weather causes oiliness and you don't want to be adding more in the way of extra-dry-skin night creams. Think about your skin regimen like clothing. When it's cold, you want to pack on the layers and keep the heat in (or for your skin - the moisture). When it's warm your clothes choices become breezier, breathable and light. How uncomfortable would you be in a winter coat and long underwear in May? It's the same principle for your skin. We recommend switching to a lighter day time moisturizer with a high SPF, and if you get extra oily in the sun, try washing your face an extra time per day with a gentle oil defense cleanser.

So we've established that less is more when it comes to your spring and summer skin regimen, and it rings true for makeup. Ditch your heavy liquid foundation for something like a bb cream, tinted primer or powder foundation. These kinds of products tend to have sun protection (which you absolutely must care about) and are light and breathable. If you need more coverage, use a concealer and top it off with a soft mineral powder. Also stray away from dark, matte shadows and face powders and opt for brighter, shimmery colors. While you're at it, consider swapping your black eyeliner and mascara for a dark brown (hint: brown eyeliner is VERY in this season!) You'll want to make the switch so you not only look like you fit in with the season, but to make sure you don't clog your pores and cause break outs.

Speaking of breakouts...

If we actually sat down and thought about all of the bacteria we come in contact with on a daily basis, a lot more of us would probably become hypochondriacs. Luckily bacteria is so small that it rarely crosses our minds, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing for our psyche, a curse for things like our skin.

Hopefully you know that it's a total necessity to keep your makeup brushes clean, but what about the products we're actually using? They're exposed to the environment just like anything else, and it's important to keep your beauty products sanitary to not only prevent breakouts, but to protect very sensitive areas like our eyes and lips from infection.

Have you ever tried to clean the inside of a tube of mascara? We haven't either, and we don't recommend it. The truth is that when your makeup is past it's due date most of the time it's trash. It might be a little sad for our wallets, but will make for a very exciting shopping trip! Here's a list of makeup life spans that you can use as a general rule of thumb:

-Mascara: 2.5-3 months
-Liquid foundation: 6 months - 1 year
-Eyeliner: 6 months - 1 year
-Eyeshadow: 6 months - 1 year
-Powder cosmetics (blush, bronzer, foundation): 1-2 years
-Lipstick and gloss: 1 year

So chances are... some of the makeup you used for spring and summer last year is infiltrated with unsightly things we shall not name, and isn't safe or clean to use anymore. I guess it's the perfect time to come visit with one of our makeup artists and pick out all of the trendy new makeup you'll be needing...

Natural reigns supreme

It's probably a given that the trend for every spring and summer from now until the end of time will be natural. There's not much more to say about it... when it's warm outside, makeup should look as bright and clean as possible. But think of "the natural" spring look as the foundation for the look you're going for, because there are still several trends that vary from year to year. For instance, this year's pantone color of the year is Marsala, a gorgeous reddish brown that's inspiring makeup trends like brown eyeliner and shadow and plum/rouge lip stains.

One thing we've noticed during our research is that makeup this season will have one distinct focal point, and for once in our lives it's not your eyebrows (although you should still fill those in). Choose either your lips or eyes as your statement, and make the rest of your face neutral and natural. Here are some things we noticed that are on trend for spring and summer 2015 that you can put your focus on:

-Coppery, shimmery shadows
-Stained lips (with no distinct definition) in berry tones
-Neutral, shimmery lips
-Heavily accentuated eyelashes
-Plum colors for lips, eyeshadow and even blush
-Heavy, distinct eyeliner
-Brown and taupe eyeshadows

For instance, if you want to wear a gorgeous pink lip balm, keep your eye makeup light. If you are into the heavy eyeliner, opt for a shimmery lip gloss without very much color.

To help you achieve your perfect look we're bringing on three new products we could not be more thrilled about. Our brand new Nude palette has shadows ranging from light and bright to dark brown and coppery, plus a ton of lip colors to choose from in pinks, taupes, and browns. We're also really excited for our two new Plumping Lip Glosses, mostly because they're gorgeous and shimmery, but also because they have fun names like Fairy Dust and Cloud 9 and smell like cookies.

new makeup

Our Spring Makeup Event guests will not only be the first people able to try our new makeup, but they'll also receive a personalized, hour long one-on-one session with one of our makeup artists to learn how to use them. During the appointment the guests will learn tips and tricks for lasting, gorgeous warm weather makeup and practice with the makeup artist to create a few individualized, go-to looks. Best thing about all of this? Your appointment is FREE with the purchase of $25 in tm cosmetics that day. And in true fashion, we of course have a few other deals and free gifts up our sleeves. Spots are filling quickly, so give us a call at 317-271-3330 to register!