Spring Hair Trends (As seen on Indy Style!)

We had the pleasure of visiting the Indy Style set for a segment about spring hair and makeup trends for all ages. Lindsey did a FANTASTIC job going over color and style trends for women in their mid to late 20's, women in the 35-45 year old age range, and women who are 50+. Lindsey and our lovely models showed that no matter what your age, you can be on trend and feel comfortable with your look.

The overall trending look for spring is low maintenance and natural, and that rings true for any age, but like we said in our blog about spring makeup trends (you can find that here) think of that as the "blanket" trend for the season, because within that are various other trends that differ from year to year, and allow you to create a unique look for yourself.

This spring and summer there are GORGEOUS colors trending for your hair, all of which offer lots of variation and dimension to make the look unique to you. Coppery reds, platinum and honey blonde, multidimensional brunette, and sun-kissed baby lights are some of the most popular looks.

On our mid-20's model Heather, Lindsey showed probably the most popular color for the season, a strawberry copper red that Heather just so happens to have been born with, and we are all so jealous. Heather also incorporates baby lights in her look- face framing highlights that look very natural, are low maintenance, and make the hair look healthy and dimensional. Babylights, expertly hand painted, are often described as giving the wearer a sun kissed look most often seen on little kids during the summer months. This is perfect for someone like Heather because they complement her youth and are very low maintenance. Heather's baby lights were also done without damaging her hair, thanks to our newest color product Olaplex, which combines with any color or chemical service and prevents damage by strengthening the bonds in each strand of hair from the inside out.

Her hair is worn in a short bob, a super popular cut this season, and styled in beachy waves. Basically, Heather couldn't look trendier. The bob can also be worn sleek and straight, and is just long enough to be pulled halfway back in a bun or braided, both popular seasonal styles.

A new coloring technique that's taking the beauty industry by storm is called Ecaille, or tortoiseshell. Imagining a pair of tortoiseshell colored glasses might be the best way to think about this look, because it incorporates the same shades of honey, amber, golden blonde and dark brown. This look is quickly replacing traditional Ombre and one-color Balayage, because it adds gorgeous dimension and warmth to the hair. Our 35-45 year old model Melissa wears this look, and it's perfect for her because as a busy woman with a family and career, the low maintenance technique grows out seamlessly. The Ecaille technique is very customizable and is described as a "graduation of color" that makes the grow out very low maintenance, perfect for Melissa's busy schedule.

You'll also see that she has some very bright yellow in her hair. Fun colors, both bright and pastel, are popular for spring and the yellow works perfectly with this trend. Melissa is setting a great example that women of any age, even with careers and families, can pull off and look great wearing current and nontraditional trends.

While bobs are the "it" cut for spring, don't go cutting off your long locks if you're going to regret it. Melissa's hair is long and perfect for her lifestyle because she can incorporate some of the season's most low maintenance styles in to her look like braids, long pony tails and big buns. When she has time to style it, her hair looks gorgeous in loose, voluminous curls or beachy waves.

Two types of blonde are in for Spring, white platinum and golden, honey blonde. Sharon's warm, honey blonde is the most complimentary for her age, especially when complimented with bright, warm highlights for dimension. A lot of women 50+ are concerned with grey hair, and in the warmer months when hair is exposed more often to the sun, hair color is more prone to fading and the coarser texture of grey hair can be harder to manage. Sharon's all over highlights provide a solution to color fading that allows her to go longer between appointments.

Sharon also sports a trendy bob that's worn a little longer than Heather's and compliments Sharon's age category. It's easy to maintain and style, and can be pulled back in a pinch into one of the other Spring style trends like buns and braids.

Watch our segment on Indy Style below to see the looks we're talking about!