Sustainable Beauty Month

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Tyler Mason is once again proud to partner with Davines and salons across the globe for Sustainable Beauty Week 2015. If you joined us last year, you know that we take it one step further here by celebrating Sustainable Beauty Month, packed full of fun activities for our staff and guests, all while raising money for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is "an international nonprofit charity dedicated to planting fruitful trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat climate change, strengthen communities, and improve the surrounding air, soil and water." (

For the past several years Davines has partnered with the FTPF to plant fruit trees in underserved areas, and encourages Davines salons all over the world to host their own Sustainable Beauty Week activities to help raise funds. Davines is currently engaged in a several-year long project with the FTPF to plant more than 10,000 trees in El Salvador, one of the most deforested areas in the world with more than 46% of the rural population living in poverty.

The average cost of planting and maintaining one tree is $100 and last year we were able to raise enough donations to support five trees in El Salvador! We hope to more than surpass that number this year by:

-contributing 2% of April's Davines sales to our overall donation
-selling $5 raffle tickets for our Davines Sustainable Beauty Basket (be sure to enter... it's valued at over $500!)
-having various "no dress code" days  for our staff when they make a $5 donation
-donating half of ticket sales and proceeds from our Essential Haircare Launch Party

Aside from raising money for the FTPF, we also work to educate our guests and staff about various ways to practice sustainability not only through beauty, but in our everyday lives. Check out the other fun activities we're hosting this month:

-Essential Haircare Launch Party... everyone is invited, get your tickets asap! If you're at all interested in just how sustainable Davines is, you should attend!

launch party signage

-10th Street/West Side clean up day

On Earth Day (April 22), Tyler Mason staff will work to landscape our grounds, create oxygen by planting trees and clean up trash and debris on 10th Street around our building. We'll reach out to our neighbors on the 10th Street corridor from Raceway to Ben Davis High School and encourage them to clean up around their area sometime during the month of April. Encourage your friends and neighbors to clean up the area you spend time in, whether it's your home or place of work!

-Sustainable Beauty Display

Our in-salon garden is a can't miss! We'll help create our own oxygen in the building by creating an indoor garden display that will also show ways Davines practices sustainability and demonstrates to our guests ways to practice sustainable beauty at home, including using empty Davines containers for things you may never have thought of, like succulent planters or tupperware! Did you know all Davines containers are made of food grade material? Now you do, and you can use that knowledge to practice sustainable beauty when you take our...

-Sustainable Beauty Pledge

We want to encourage all of our guests to jump on board for sustainable beauty! Whether or not you use Davines, we can all practice "green" initiatives in our beauty routine and everyday lives... from properly disposing of our aerosols to being more aware of the water we waste. Once you sign the pledge (ask any Tyler Mason employee for a pledge card), you can take a picture with the Davines mascot, pictured below! This androgynous figure represents all genders, races, and cultures and serves to remind us of what is good, pure and happy in the world of beauty and beyond. Upload your picture to our Facebook and hashtag #sbweek15 and you'll be entered to win the Essential Haircare shampoo and conditioner duo of your choice!

davines guy

-"Greening up" our staff and space

We'll recommit to our sustainable practices this month, and create some new ones! If you're here in the month of April (and we highly encourage you to at least stop by) you'll notice ways we're "greening up" with earth conscious tips posted around the building, an increased number of recycling receptacles, a decreased use of paper products and local, fresh fruit for everyone to enjoy. Our staff will work to reduce our building's emissions by watching our hair color, water, and energy waste.

-Chapelwood Elementary Sponsorship

To truly be a sustainable society, we have to start with educating our future generations. We're pairing with a classroom at Chapelwood Elementary to teach them about Earth Day, the importance of recycling and about healthy, slow food gardening practices. We'll sponsor the planting and maintenance of a fruit tree at Chapelwood, a school where 79% of students are part of the free and reduced lunch program. Everyone at Tyler Mason believes that to truly make a difference, we have to start in our own backyard. We'll continue to work with Chapelwood to help them sign up for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful's Kids Club, a movement that pairs the organization with schools for a three year time period, during which they build an outdoor natural playscape, plant more fruit trees and teach the kids about sustainable gardening and living.

So in case you can't tell, we go a little wild for sustainable beauty at Tyler Mason! We not only love our Davines products because of the incredible hair magic provided, but also because the company's overall mission aligns completely with our own - to have a world of beauty, that uplifts and creates happiness, and is healthy for humans, animals, plants and the earth alike. We invite you to join us in any of our sustainable endeavors, this month and always.