Fall 2015 Style Guide

With just a few days until it's officially official, we're going to go ahead and call it - it's Fall. In case you haven't started yet, it's time to start transitioning your... well everything, to fit the new season. Wardrobe, makeup and hair color needs a full revamp to fit the changing of the weather and we're looking forward to it as much as any pumpkin spice latte (although we are pretty excited about this latte). The shifting of the season is a time for women to press the refresh button and splurge a little time and money on themselves. If you're not sure which direction to take your look, you know the friendly faces at Tyler Mason have your back, whether you're looking for a few subtle touch ups or a big, mouth dropping, head turning makeover to get you through until next year.

So let's start with makeup. If you love makeup, this chillier weather likely has you all kinds of excited, already pulling out the brow balm and wine tinted lipstick. And if you are, well you're right on track. Fall and winter bring with it gorgeous, dark lips, bold brows, high rise scaling eyelashes and rosy cheeks. A few colors we're calling are warm peach and rose blushes, bright red and deep purple lip colors with every shade in between, black eyeliner (and lots of it), with brows to match. Make your eyes your focal point, and if you're feeling daring, make your lips competition worthy so people just don't know what to stare first.

If you really want to get it right this season then you can't miss our revamped Fall Makeup Event on October 9. We're bringing in international celebrity artist Lori Neapolitan, who's worked with the likes of Oprah, Meryl Streep and Jessica Alba so you know she's not messing around. She'll teach you how to makeover your makeup bag for the season and which five products are really the only ones you need to have in your armory. Read the details here.

fall makeup trends

Hair trends are giving this season, with almost any cut ranging from a fringey pixie to long and layered deemed an "it" style. We suggest going with something in your comfort level, whether it's staying where you are, going short to maximize hibernation time, or getting lots of piecey layers to add bounce, frame your face and of course in a nod to our ancestors, keep your neck warm.

If low maintenance is your pace, the hair color trend gods have giveth to you this fall season. A new trend called lived-in color is going to be big for fall. It calls for a darker base or root, with balayage highlights that create a seamless grow out. It gives you longer between salon visits if you have your natural base color which you will truly relish come the busy holiday season, and it looks super chic (maybe you can spend that money you save on a relaxing spa service). Exposing your roots goes against almost everything you know, but this version is so subtle and gorgeous you're really only doing yourself a favor.

lived in hair color

If you're feeling a little more daring, we fully support you going full Kylie Jenner. A term called "color blocked roots" is a little edgier, a little more dramatic, and just as gorgeous. Forget everything your mama taught you and embrace the root.

color block roots

Oh bronde, how lovely you made our lives when we found you last spring. You'll be pleased to know this gorgeous, low maintenance trend will continue it's dance to stardom through the fall. Is she blonde? Is she brown? Try both. This gorgeous caramel color screams fall, and lends a hand easily to any amount of balayage or subtle lived in grow out.


If you're an ice queen platinum blonde just keep in mind that in a few months, you'll blend in pretty well with the snow on the ground. We suggest just taking your color a shade or two richer for a frosty honey color that is more low maintenance and equipped to handle grow out.

A rich brunette is always a coveted color and is the most gorgeous when contrasted with the colors of fall. This is a less expensive hair color option, because even a single process color brunette is beautiful. If you crave something more dimensional and dynamic, try a few lighter brown highlights or even a dark brown ombre to top it off. Again, this look is really low maintenance, and it doesn't get much better than that.


Fall isn't complete without a nod to the basically official hair color of the season: auburn. Coppery, gold, shiny auburn. It's almost red, it's kind of brown, it has hints of blonde and it's all around breathtaking. Auburn will likely always win our hearts during this colorful season but we're more than okay with that. When your hair color is rivaling the beauty of fall leaves, you're doing something right. It's clearly written all over Rihanna's face.


So, are you ready to hop in your car and rush to your stylist's chair to upgrade your look? Well, you need an appointment first, so click here to schedule yours or give us a call at 317-271-3330. Get inspired and come prepared after you take a look at our Fall Pinterest board. We have some other goodies on that board like our favorite fall nail art and snack recipes.

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