So you want to be a Colts Cheerleader…

...and we know a thing or two about that. Our stylists and makeup artists have been working with the ever-changing and growing squad for 11 years, deciding their looks for the season, helping them get ready for each and every home game, and working with them for special appearances and calendar photo shoots.

If you're auditioning to be a Colts Cheerleader you already have the moves, but do you have the look? Showing off your best cheerleader appearance for auditions is every bit as important as how well you dance. Judges will take into consideration your dance abilities, and how well you act and look the part. Can you whip your hair back and forth and still come up for air with gorgeous, bouncy curls? Don't fret if not, because the Official Hair Salon and Spa of the Colts Cheerleaders is here to help. After a decade of auditions, we have some insider tricks and tips.

Enhance your natural beauty-

You're already beautiful (and if anyone tells you different, they're a liar) so the easiest thing to do is enhance your natural beauty so you can feel as confident as possible throughout the entire audition process.

The best rule of thumb with hair or makeup is to stick with what you know, aka your natural beauty, and amplify it. Don't worry about looking like the girl next to you at auditions or the model in the magazine. Your natural beauty is enough, so let's talk about how you can enhance it and stand out in the crowd.

Let's start with hair-

Your hair can really set you apart. Preferred length, color and whether to wear it curly or straight are some really common questions we get from cheerleader hopefuls. Here are our suggestions:

Healthy hair is better hair, period. It looks better, styles better and holds color better. If you need to take off an inch or two to make it look better, do it. Healthy hair is better than long hair.

As far as color goes, we suggest starting with your natural color and taking it up a notch. If you're a natural blonde, then brighten it up with some highlights. If you're a natural brunette, go with a richer, more concentrated version of your natural color.

Make sure your hair compliments your look and personality, but don't forget that NFL cheerleaders are appealing to the masses. We tend to steer clear of any unnatural colors or tones for cheerleaders.

Kick it up with your styling-

A good hairdo always starts with good prep work. Prepare your locks with a high quality shampoo, conditioner and a volumizing, styling product. Many of the Colts Cheerleaders are partial to our Italian line Davines, that offers a wide range of cleansing products and a fantastic Volume Boosting Mousse. Also always be sure to blow dry your hair for maximum volume.

When you're choosing to wear your hair curly or straight, choose the way that makes your hair look the best and makes you feel the most confident. If your hair doesn't hold curl very well then don't try to curl it. If you have naturally curly hair, don't try and fight it to be straight. You'll be doing a lot of physical activity so keep that in mind when choosing your style. Hairspray can only work so hard, after all.

If you do decide to curl your hair, we suggest curling your hair away from your face and using a quality iron so the curls are loose and provide lots of movement in your hair. You can make your curls last longer by hot setting them, a trick often used by the current cheerleaders on the squad.

Volume is absolutely key. Tease at the root with a Teaze 2 Comb and use a styling product like B More Building Powder or a dry shampoo to give it grip and make your volume last. Just, don't overdo it - you want to look like a cheerleader, less like a Dolly Parton type.

Make sure you're using the right hairspray for your hair type, and finishing it all off with a shine product like Davines Oi Oil, that will help your hair look healthy with the right amount of shine, and will keep your hair from tangling when you're flipping it around during auditions, and hopefully beyond.

As for makeup-

Just like with your hair, a gorgeous face of makeup always starts with a properly cared for palette. Make sure you're following a quality skincare regimen, using the right products and the right prep for a long and busy day as a Colts Cheerleader.

Always start with a makeup primer to make your foundation last longer. Using one that is specifically for reducing oil will keep the foundation from sweating off while you're dancing. Also using the right foundation is key- the kind you need can vary pretty greatly depending on your skin type- and it's important that the kind you choose creates a beautiful and even canvas for the rest of your makeup.

Again, we encourage you to play up what already makes you naturally beautiful. The cheerleader look is fairly natural, but with certain aspects taken up a few notches to ensure that those sitting in the stands (or in this case Hilbert Circle Theater) can make out your expressions.

Let's start with brows because they're super important, especially because full brows are what's in fashion right now. It's so important to make sure they are cleaned up and waxed before auditions; brows frame the face and and more important your eyes where you show a lot of expression. Filling them in is an absolute must, and there are lots of really quality brow products on the market. You can also use the old school eyeshadow method, and here's our suggestions for brow perfection.

-Use an eyeshadow powder that is a shade or two darker than your hair color (NO shimmer).

-Using an eyebrow brush, start lightly filling in the middle, working your way to the end, and coming back to the start of the brow. Starting in the middle allows you to blend out if it starts getting too dark, which will make your eyebrows appear closer together. If they do get too dark or you want to add some dimension (brow pros only), use a shade lighter than the first one.

-Finish it off with by lightly brushing your face powder or Invisible Blotting Powder over your brows for a natural look.

You'll want to contour your eyes using neutral and matte finish shadows so they don't appear too dark, and speaking of too dark- if you use a lot of dark eyeliner it doesn't let enough light get to your eyes and closes them in, keeping them from looking big. Accentuate your eyes with big, voluptuous lashes instead.

Fake eyelashes add a lot of glam to your look, so if you're comfortable choosing and applying them, we highly suggest it. A general rule of thumb when applying fake eyelashes is to get the strip as close to your natural lashes as possible and leave yourself enough time to let them dry completely. Mesh your real and fake lashes together with a clean mascara wand, and finish the look with a high quality, black mascara.

Your lips are the next best feature to accentuate. Nude, lighter colored lips don't come off well in the stands or on camera, so always choose a brighter, flattering shade of pink or red. Make sure and use a lip liner to make the lipstick stay. Our tip for lip liner is to only outline the middle part of the lips- the darker lines on the corners of your lip will make them look smaller.

Facial contouring is harder to see when you're on the field, but still shouldn't be ignored as the camera is always rolling. A simple rule for contouring your face with bronzer is to choose a natural color without shimmer, and just apply it where the sun would naturally hit your face (nose, upper cheek bones, etc.)

And we know how much you love our boys in blue and want to show your team spirit, but leave the blue glitter and sparkles at home- the cheerleader uniform has enough flash and sparkle to make you dazzle in the stands, and you don't want your makeup to clash.

Any questions?

Don't stress about your hair and makeup- as important as it is, the best way to appear to the judges is confident, calm and collected- like a cheerleader. If you feel less than sure about how to style your hair and makeup for auditions, feel free to come see us at Tyler Mason. We offer Colts Consultations with our expert cheerleader stylists during the entire audition season. We'd be happy to work with you one on one and give you personal recommendations and tips. We also carry all of the hair products you'll need to create your perfect style, and our own makeup line, TM Cosmetics, that has everything we mentioned above to create a gorgeous look.

A Colts Cheer Consultation only takes 30 minutes and costs $30, so if you'd like to schedule yours give us a call at 317-271-3330. We hope to see you soon, and most importantly... good luck!!