Bringing Back the Blow Dry with Your Hair Assistant

blowout 4

Imagine having the luxury of time and budget for a weekly trip to the salon for a relaxing shampoo, stunning and long lasting blow out, and of course a therapy session with your best friend stylist. It sounds like a dream come true weekly getaway, but not too many decades ago it was the norm for our mothers and grandmothers to have a weekly standing appointment to have their hair washed and styled. Did they even know they had it so good? In today's world, most of us would be hard pressed to even find the time for a weekly trip to the salon, and so the art of the blow dry became a thing of housewives past.

But wouldn't it be nice if the technology that keeps us all so busy, could also help us recreate the polished, long lasting style of the blow out at home? If it could create a medium for hair stylists to express their artistic creativity through the blow dry, as they did in the past?

Enter: Your Hair Assistant. A one of a kind and innovative new hair care line dedicated to the art of blow drying. A set of tools for the hairdresser to use in the salon, to allow them to create bouncy, airy blowouts that last for days, in half the time. That allows your stylist to create a work of art, using just a blow dryer and a round brush. That allows you to discover the art of blow drying at home, and a chance to put away the irons.

Your Hair Assistant was the dream of Angelo Seminara, Davines Artistic Director and three time winner of "the British Hairdresser of the Year Award." With it, he aimed to create an essential tool for the hair dresser to create perfectly blow dried hair, and for the at home user to make blow drying easier, and to create any kind of look with long lasting results.

With the help of Davines Research Laboratories, Your Hair Assistant was born as a 7 product regimen, all sulphate and paraben free, with the sophisticated fragrance a bouquet of nocturnal jasmine and soft mint.

prep shampoo

Prep Shampoo - a hydrating and nourishing shampoo, with a rich and voluminous foam. It gently cleanses the hair, removes styling residue and leaves the hair feeling soft and light, ready for the next step.

prep mild

Prep Mild Cream - an elasticizing and moisturizing conditioner for fine to medium hair. It deeply moisturizes and detangles hair without weighing it down. Its creamy texture makes it easy to work with and leaves the hair compact, soft and silky.

prep rich balm

Prep Rich Balm - a nourishing conditioner for thick or treated hair. It nourishes dehydrated and stressed hair, making it compact without weighing it down and restores its original softness. It detangles hair easily, leaving it light and silky.

blowdry primer

Blow Dry Primer - a bodifying tonic with an anti-humidity effect for all hair types. The formula provides texture and protection against heat and humidity, enhancing the natural shine of the hair and reducing the blow drying time. It is an essential support for creating the state of the art blow dry, and it can be used with all hot tools.

definiton mist

Definition Mist - finishing spray to create a "day after" effect. It creates a natural strand separation and adds texture to the hair. It enhances the hair's natural shine and controls the electrostatic effect with an anti-frizz action, for a long lasting blow dry even in the worst weather conditions.

perfecting hairspray

Perfecting Hairspray - a medium hold hairspray with an invisible effect for a long lasting blow dry. It adapts to the hair, preserving natural movement. It dries very quickly and is easy to work with after application. It is humidity resistant and can be easily removed without leaving residue.

volume creator and brush


Volume Creator - a fine texturizing and mattifying powder. It creates volume while giving hair structure and consistency, and protecting the blow dried hair from humidity. The formula is all natural, obtained from micronised coconut and bamboo powder reduced to tiny particles.

The Volume Creator can only be used with the Volume Creator Brush, specifically designed for a precise and controlled application of the powder which will be released through the brush. The dispenser can be refilled infinite times.