Shop Small and Save the World

It's officially the "holidays," - trees are going up, carols are playing over loudspeakers, and gifts are being swept off the shelves. Before you finish all of your shopping at a big box store we have a challenge for you. You don't win anything per se, except a stronger community and an improved local economy. Oh yeah and the prize of seeing your loved ones' faces light up at the sight of your unique, carefully crafted and selected artisan gift. Maybe the best gift giver of the year award if your tribe is in to that kind of thing.

We challenge you to shop local for the holidays this year. Maybe you never do, and so you accept the challenge of purchasing one gift at a local boutique this year. Fine by us! Maybe you're more of a "half and halfer," and you accept the challenge to purchase a few more local gifts than you did last year - you still win! Maybe you're already someone who's committed to shopping small and spending the majority of your money at local businesses. Good for you - you win year round.

No matter how many gifts you purchase or how much you spend, we just challenge you to shop local a little more than you did last year, and be aware of how shopping small impacts your community. When you spend $100 at a local business, 68% of that stays right in your community, versus the 43% that stays in the community after shopping at a big box store. Shopping local allows your neighbors who own businesses to employ community members, donate to local charities (small businesses donate 250% more than large corporations), and pay local taxes that keep your community viable.

As a small business, all 40-ish employees at Tyler Mason thank you for every dollar you spend with us. Your commitment to shop local with us rather than visiting chain stores for your services and products provides a livelihood for 40 people in the community - a pretty neat statistic you can throw around to your friends and family this year when they ask where you got them such a fun, unique holiday gift.

So without further ado, here's our comprehensive list of gift ideas for almost everyone on your list. Do you have a category not seen here? Come on in and let one of our highly educated health and beauty experts help you pick something out. That's our challenge - to make sure if you're making the effort to shop local, that we make it worth your while.


Happy holidays and happy shopping! As always, we're here to help you and yours feel and look beautiful, relaxed and well. If there's anything we can do for you this holiday season, please just let us know.

-Your friends at Tyler Mason