The anti-aging products you never knew you wanted.

When we hear the words "new" and "Davines" in the same sentence we get a little more than excited (the word obsessive comes to mind), because it's hard to imagine any improvements or additions Davines could make that will TOP the amazing quality the line already produces. I mean, in our humble opinion, Davines is as close to perfect hair care as perfect can get.

Which is why we've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Renewing family and reformulated Energizing family in the Natural Tech line since they were announced many moons ago.... and now that they are finally in our hands, we can honestly say the wait was worth Every. Single. Minute. You NEED these products, we NEED these products, dare we say the whole world NEEDS these products?! Oh yes, we dare. Here's why:

The low-down on the Natural Tech line is this - the products provide a "facial" for your hair. They go above and beyond what any normal, even high salon quality, shampoos and conditioners do. The products target specific problems and have medicinal ingredients and properties that don't just cover the problem, they go into the hair shaft to fix it. They aren't products you will use everyday, but maybe once or twice a week in conjunction with your regular shampoo and conditioner. They're designed to be part of your hair care regimen built with your stylist, much like you would design a skin care regimen with your esthetician. And just like your skin, your hair ages and changes, and requires help and protection from products to keep it healthy, hydrated and youthful.

So we have more anti-aging products for our skin than we know what to do with, but why hasn't a company designed a product to do the same thing for hair? Well just leave it to Davines to take the lead with that. We are beyond stoked that Davines has introduced the brand new Renewing line, the first-ever hair care line designed specifically to prevent hair aging!

This line comes with an at-home shampoo, conditioner, superactive (works like a booster to make your efforts more effective) and an in-salon scalp treatment. It's been formulated with a state of the art "Hair Longevity Complex" that protects hair strands and the scalp from signs of aging. Renewing shampoo specifically helps to deliver a healthy, compact and shiny hair fiber - and in tests improved the softness of hair by 37%, shine of hair by 29%, and body of hair by 29%.

And as if an innovative, scientifically advanced product line weren't enough, they went and improved the fan favorite Energizing line ten fold.

To know the Energizing line is to love it - because if it's been recommended to you, you've probably experienced some kind of hereditary or situational hair loss. Thinning hair is no joke and a surprising amount of women suffer from it, which is why we're so thankful to Davines for giving us a solution that really works. And now, it's even better than before!

The new formula features a "Hair Energy Complex," with caffeine as the active ingredient, that works to unclog hair follicles on the scalp and promote oxygenation. Other ingredients work to disinfect oily-bacteria from the scalp, while toning, strengthening and boosting the scalp's immune system.

The new formula greatly improves (the already great) shampoo and hair growth gel, but they've also redone three new superactives: a booster for hereditary hair loss, a booster for situational hair loss (think changes in weather, hormones, stress, etc.), and a thickening tonic that provides an INSTANT cosmetic affect for each individual strand.

If any of this peaks your interest we HIGHLY suggest trying it for yourself! There's no better way to judge a new product than to see how effective it is for you, and trust us, you will notice a huge difference. Davines has never steered us wrong, and when have we ever steered you wrong? That's a double guarantee you can feel great about.

Plus, we have two of our very own stylists trying out these new lines at home right now. Marliese (Energizing) and Emily (Renewing) are faithfully using the products at home, following Davines' guidelines for use, and receiving regular scalp treatments at the salon. We're so excited to see the difference in their hair after a few weeks of using the lines. Stay tuned for part two of this blog to read about their results!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to consult with one of our expert hair stylists to find the right solutions for your hair and scalp - we're here. Give us a call at 317-271-3330.