Begin “Ahnu” with Ambre Blends

If you love the Indianapolis based, woman-owned company Ambre Blends you've definitely been anxiously waiting for the brand new scent Ahnu, and it is *finally* here at Tyler Mason! If you're not familiar with Ambre Blends - this blog is for you. As all of us here at Tyler Mason know, once you start wearing the lusciously perfumed, natural essential oils you'll never want to smell like anything else. These oils are unique and require a bit of explanation before we delve into the perfection that is Ahnu.

Ambre Blends five scents are formulated to complement and blend with your body's natural chemistry, and engage once warmed with your body heat. Ambre Blends will radiate a unique, long lasting and empowering scent based on the wearer, and only enhance your own flirtatious scent. The company describes the application of the oils as "the art of natural fragrance." The equation is: Apply - Radiate - Time.


It can be difficult to smell the essence in Ambre Blends products while they are still in the packaging. To get a true sense of the fragrance, which is heat activated, generously apply it to "hot spots" on your body like your forearms, neck and chest.


Ambre Blends pure, natural fragrance will come alive once it blends with your body's warmth and chemistry. Give the essence time to work with your body heat - the fragrance will radiate after the product has had time to blend with you. There is no need to reapply, the essence will continue to radiate as you cool down and warm up throughout the day.


Over time, like wine, your oil essence will get better. With each application the scent will layer on your skin. It is also important to remember that after repeated use of the natural fragrances, it is completely normal for your sense of smell to become accustomed to your unique Ambre Blends scent. Alternating between the fragrances can help prevent scent immunity over time, but keep in mind that others will still be able to smell your alluring individual scent.

At the root of all the oil essences is amber oil, utilized for centuries for its medicinal, aphrodisiac properties. The flirtatious aroma is more than just that - each bottle also provides aromatherapy benefits. The sensual, alluring aromas found in each of the five essences is created with 100% natural, certified organic ingredients that provide their own unique benefits.

NEW! Ahnu Essence

The name Ahnu (pronounce ah-new) has several meanings behind it. In numerology, 2017 is year one, a time to start anew- a rebirth, refresh and restart. (Also the perfect time to launch a new product!) The actual name is derived from the Celtic goddess of well-being and balance, Anu.

Even the packaging is intentional, featuring a lotus flower on a violet background. Lotus flowers are a symbol of purity, devotion, enlightenment, grace and rebirth. Violet is the color of spirituality, a color of enlightenment and imagination that inspires selfless love, and encourages sensitivity and passion.

The balanced and fresh natural fragrance will simultaneously ground and enlighten you. The ingredients used to make Ahnu were purposefully chosen to help the wearer begin anew:

-Tuberose: a clean and sweet scent that opens the crown chakra, which is responsible for creative powers and peace of mind. Tuberose has aphrodisiac and tranquil properties.

-Violet Leaf: a soft, leafy green used for overcoming fears and shyness.

-Lotus Flower: a sweet, earthy and tenacious oil used for meditative and devotional practices.

-Tobacco: pure tobacco is warm and earthy, and was used strictly for the smell.

-Champaca: a rich, velvety, sensual and suave oil that produces relaxing, euphoric affects. Used in aruvedic practices, it evokes unconditional and universal love.

Tyler Mason's staff is comprised mostly of Ambre lovers, and we have become infatuated with Ahnu. When you come to purchase your bottle, it will probably be the first scent that greets you since we are all wearing it! But that doesn't mean we can forget about the tried and true original four scents - as they are unique and powerful products in themselves.

Original Ambre Essence

Utilized for centuries for its aphrodisiac qualities, amber oil is the root of Ambre Essence - a clean, euphoric and sensual fragrance which is the foundation of the entire line.

Invoke Essence

Pure jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, a hint of rose, and the original Ambre Essence come together to conjure Invoke Essence - reminiscent of spring blooms being kissed by the sun.

Solace Essence

A refreshing vanilla blend and amber oil is fused with a rare special ingredient to create Solace Essence - a comforting scent of attraction.

Unmasque Essence

Over thirteen essential oils, including frankincense, sandalwood, clove, black pepper, mandarin, coffee, blood orange and notes of leather align with the warmth of Ambre Essence to form Unmasque Essence - unleashing individuality while grounding you and alluring others.

Tyler Mason carries the full line of Ambre Blends roll-on perfumes, and yours is waiting for you! Purchase a sample pack of all five scents so you can experiment with the scents that will work best for you. If you have any questions, our staff will be glad to help you!

As 2017 carries on, we hope that you find fresh starts and new beginnings for the things in your life that no longer serve you. And if you haven't found any yet, there's an Ambre Blend for that. 🙂