Fall & Winter Service Menu

(Available through February 2018)

Renewing Anti-Aging Scalp Treatment - $42 or $35 add-on to any hair service

You treat your skin to anti-aging products and treatments, why not your hair? As we age, hair follicles and strands become weaker, duller, more coarse and experience loss of volume and body. A Renewing Anti-Aging Scalp Treatment works like a facial for your hair, and is perfect for anyone who is experiencing changes, or wants to prevent them. The treatment works like a chemical peel for your scalp, removing dead skin cells allowing products to go deep into the scalp to treat each individual strand at its origin. You’ll experience immediate softness and shine in your hair.

Energizing Hair Growth Stimulating Treatment - $42 or $35 add-on to any hair service

With colder weather comes new hair woes, and many people experience hair loss during this time of year. The Energizing Scalp Treatment helps to counteract hair loss and thinning hair, while stimulating and fortifying your scalp to encourage the growth of strong, healthy locks. Caffeine works as the active ingredient to stimulate hair growth, unclog pores and promote healthy scalp tissues. By toning and strengthening the scalp, hair is allowed to grow freely and won’t fall out due to weak follicles. This treatment is suitable for anyone who experiences hair loss due to hormonal issues or environmental factors like stress and weather changes.

Deluxe Sinus Relief Massage (35 min) - $50

Discover blissful relief from sinus pressure and symptoms due to allergies or colds with the deluxe, extended version of our popular Sinus Relief Massage. This therapeutic and soothing massage uses lymphatic pressure point techniques and healing aromatherapy to alleviate your ailments. The Deluxe version incorporates Temperature Therapy for ultimate healing – using warm towels to open your pathways and cold ice globes to provide comfort from sinus pain and encourage drainage. A soothing head and scalp massage finishes your service, leaving you incredibly relaxed and feeling so much better.

Maternity Massage Retreat Package - 30 min. package $250 / 60 min. package $375

While you’re awaiting the arrival of your special little one, take some time to comfort and pamper your changing body. Prenatal massage has long been used as a holistic way to help pregnant women combat joint, muscle and skeletal issues due to pregnancy by reducing swelling, regulating hormones, improving circulation, easing muscle and joint pain, and providing calm and relaxation for the mind. Prenatal massage has been proven to help pregnant women sleep better, feel better, and even help improve labor and contribute to newborn health. With our Maternity Massage Package, soon-to-be moms are guaranteed five blissful massage getaways to relax and soothe, and after the little one arrives our gift to her will be a free post-natal massage, which she might just need as she navigates life with a newborn. Package includes five massages of your preferred timing, with a free sixth massage included.

Instantly Smooth Dermaplaning Facial (60 min) - $105 / with Chemical Peel $125

Your skin will look and feel instantly more smooth and dramatically softer after our Dermaplaning facial. This highly effective exfoliation method removes all of your skin’s dead cells and facial hair that traps oil, dirt and debris. You’ll see instant improvement in skin texture and tone after just one visit, and after multiple treatments you’ll see a boost in collagen, fewer wrinkles and dark spots and reduction of acne scarring. Skin care products and treatments will perform much more effectively since they can penetrate the skin more easily, and makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer. The Instantly Smooth Dermaplaning Facial also includes a thorough cleansing, customized moisturizer, mask and massage for a complete relaxing service.

Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial (30 min) - $45

Reminiscent of a classic barber shop hot towel treatment, this service is perfect for the no frills man looking to soothe irritations from shaving, sun exposure or the elements. This facial begins with a thorough cleansing and toning, followed by hot towels and steam therapy to draw out impurities. The experience is complete with a moisturizing skin conditioning and a relaxing shoulder and neck massage. This is a no-fuss, results oriented skin treatment ideal for any man.

Chocolate Peppermint Manicure & Pedicure (60 min) - manicure $45 / pedicure $70

Enjoy chocolate the guilt-free way during this indulgent and decadent service. You’ll be treated to a warm mug of peppermint cocoa and cookies while your hands and feet are treated to a cooling peppermint soak, luscious chocolate scrub and mask, followed by a full Trademark Manicure or Pedicure. These services include a relaxing massage with a peppermint crème lotion, along with a soothing peppermint paraffin dip that will lock in moisture and leave your hands and feet silky smooth and touchable.