Custom Wig Consultation - $45

Our certified wig stylist will perform a private and complimentary consultation with a wig purchase that will determine the best custom wig type to fit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Tyler Mason provides the option to purchase synthetic blends and 100% human hair wigs.

Custom Wig Design Cut & Style - $60

Our certified custom wig stylist will cut and style any wig using specialized techniques to personalize your look.

Scalp Treatment - $42

This spa scalp service is designed for guests that have experienced complete hair loss and utilizes special techniques and products to help calm the scalp from constant wig use and foster new hair growth.

Custom Wig Package - priced upon consultation

Includes a consultation, hair removal, a custom wig, fitting, design cut, style and care lesson. (Includes take home products).

Meet our hair loss and wig specialist, Rachel Mahaney

"As a hair loss specialist it's all too often that I encounter a guest who doesn't feel beautiful because of her lack of hair. Women with thinning hair often feel like there are few options to take advantage of, because it can be hard to identify the cause, and even harder to treat. Women who have alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy often come to me entirely overwhelmed or defeated, not understanding that wigs can be affordable and as natural looking as a full head of hair. It's all too often that these women can't see how beautiful they really are.

Our outward beauty does not define us, but if a gorgeous hairstyle can make a woman feel how beautiful she truly is, then it's worth it to me to help them find that hairstyle. For years I have had the drive to help people; to make a difference in a life. I find pleasure in not only enhancing someone's natural features, but helping someone find a feeling of beauty and self-confidence, whether it's through a wig they never thought could look so natural, or a treatment regimen to help grow their hair fuller and longer than they ever thought possible."

Rachel is an Indiana native who graduated from Hair Fashions by Kaye Beauty College in 2006. After graduation she began her career with Tyler Mason Salon Spa and is a Level 4 Master Stylist as well as the director of Tyler Mason's new talent program. Along with her many talents that include specialized color & cutting techniques, special occasion hair dressing and hair and scalp treatments, she is also a nationally certified wig specialist. Rachel's passion for all the beauty industry has to offer is evident in the care she provides each guest - ensuring they feel beautiful after each visit.


  • Darlene

    Good afternoon. I would like to purchase a new wig for my mother. She is wearing a synthetic blend wig now, but she prefers human hair wigs. What days are you available? How long is the consultation? Once she picks out a wig how long before she receives the wig? What is an approximate price for the custom wig package? Thank you, Darlene
    • admin

      Thanks for your comment Darlene! Rachel's schedule varies, but she is typically here Monday-Wednesday. Occasionally she is here Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wig Consultations take about 45 minutes to one hour, and once your mother and Rachel have one chosen, she will place an order and it will be shipped to the salon usually within the week. A lot goes in to the pricing of a wig, so I'm unable to give you an approximate price. Synthetic blends can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars while human hair wigs can cost up to a thousand or more. There are all kinds of price points in between, and Rachel will help your mother choose one that fits her lifestyle and budget! If you'd like to set up a consultation you can call our front desk at 317-271-3330. Thank you!
  • mimi

    i am not local can i still have a wig made?
    • admin

      Hi Mimi, We actually do not make wigs at our salon, however we would be happy to help you find one that suits your needs through our distributor! We would require you to come in for a visit with our wig specialist. If you're ever planning to be in the area, please feel free to give us a call at 317-271-3330 to set up an appointment!
  • Karen M Roth

    I have thin fine hair also some hair loss. Would like to find a style that I like and color that would fit my face and color of my complexion. I have always had short hair. Where are you located. I live in Bay City Michigan, if you are too far away maybe you can suggest a place near me.
    • admin

      Hi Karen, Thanks for reaching out to us! We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We highly recommend the Davines color and product line which is what we use here at our salon, and they have many products that can help with fine and thinning hair. If you google "Davines Salon Locator" you can enter your zip code and it will show you a list of Davines salons near you. We hope this helps! Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Best, Noelle Marketing Director
  • kikidee

    do you do men's wigs?
    • admin

      Hello! Yes we do offer men's wig services. You will need to set up a consultation with our wig specialist, Rachel. You can give our front desk a call at 317-271-3330 to get that scheduled. Please let me know if I can help you any further. Best, Noelle Marketing Director
  • Danielle

    Prices seem pretty reasonable for the us , In the uk the prices are a lot more expensive
  • Rick Naus

    can you make my wife a wig out of her hair hair before she looses it is very long and she has just started chemo
    • admin

      Hi Rick, We're so sorry to hear that your wife has to undergo chemotherapy and we know that the process can be hard and we'd love to do anything to make it easier for your wife. We do not have the capabilities to actually make wigs but we can order them and then customize them for your wife to make it look as natural as possible. If you are interested in that option, please contact or schedule an appointment with Rachel. Please pass our well wishes to your wife - we hope she heals from this quickly!
  • Mary Rose Collins

    I'd like to schedule a private wig consultation as soon as you can. I'm free after 3 on week days. Thanks!
    • admin

      Hi Mary, We'd love to assist you in setting up a private consultation with our wig specialist, Rachel. One of our guest service representatives will be contacting you via email today.
  • Ed

    where are your services available? I live in Orange County Calif.

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